Thursday, October 4, 2012


Twice a day, every single day, Cinderella and I take Momma out on a walk. It's very good for her health, so we don't let anything stand in our way. That's the kind of dedicated human-owners we are! It gives us a chance to talk about our day and chill together, plus Cinderella and I can catch up on the peemail. Win-win!

Naturally, Cinderella and I are famous in our neighborhood. We have lots and lots of kids in our neighborhood, and they like to play outside when we're going on our evening walk. As soon as they spot us walking up, they shout out, "Casey! Cinderella!" and come running. (I know they're mostly coming to see me, but it's nice of them to include Cinderella too.) It's very exciting, and I wiggle a whole bunch. But I make Momma hold on to my harness so she doesn't get TOO excited. Then we let the kiddos come close and they pet pet pet pet Cinderella and me! We're very good and hold still while they pet us and ask Momma a million and one questions, even though they asked the same questions yesterday.

I'm 5 (in a week and a half!!) and Cinderella's 11. No, we're not pit bulls. We're boxers! Yes, both of us, even though Cinderella has cropped ears and I have a longer nubbin.  Ewww, no, we're not dating!! She's my sister! Yes, we're very good dogs. Yes, you've seen us here before, we walk here a lot. And on and on. It's ruff dealing with the puparazzi, but it's just something you have to put up with when you're as famous as us. One little girl asked yesterday to take our pictures and our noseprints. She says it's for a science fair project, but I know she just wants a memento.

 There's one super-embarrassing part, though. Sometimes we see other dogs along our walk. Since we're incredibly friendly, we have to say hello. Cinderella is really outgoing, so she'll start calling out stuff like, "Hi, I'm Cinderella! I haven't seen you around here before. Are you new? Your human is very cute. You have it very well-trained."  Of course, she doesn't get far into the conversation before Momma starts telling her "hush!" Can you believe how rude she is?!?! I have to immediately reassure the other dog that our human is still learning her manners and doesn't mean to interrupt. Then Momma starts saying "hush!" some more and having us sit down and face away from the other dog. In the middle of a conversation!!! She's sooooooo rude!

Does anyone have some advice for how to teach Momma some manners? She's friendly enough with the humans, but she seems to have a real problem with basic canine interactions.

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  1. Maybe you needs to take Mom to obedience school and teach her some manners!


  2. It really sounds like your mom needs better training. Maybe you should tell her that she can't go on any more walks until she learns to behave!

    I have that same problem when I can tell that a human really needs some extra attention so I jump up to get really close to them and Mrs. Master pulls me back and says, "NO! NO!" And pulls me away. Hello!?! I can tell they need me.



  3. OMD, my Momma has the same rudeness during our walks. Who do these people think they are?!?!

  4. Hehe, dealing with paparazzi must be a real pain. The children in my neighbourhood in Malaysia were the same with Rich Boy. They could call his name and follow him everywhere. Cinderella is so friendly, do show us more of her. And someday, I hope to read both your stories ( with the movie reference and the badges). I bet you two have fantastic stories to share. I really enjoy this one.


  5. Casey, we could have written this very same post. We all walk twice a day with Mom too. But Mom gets to go four times since we only go two at a time. Something about her not being able to walk very far with four tangled leashes:) We love meeting other humans, especially the little ones too. But we really have a problem with the dumb humans who let their dogs run off leash. They charge at us - not sure who needs better manners, the humans or the pups.

    We are off for our walk now.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. I have the same problem! I'm just so popular in the neighborhood that kids will run across the street to see me and they can't seem to get enough of petting me! I also sympathize. Training humans is HARD work! Have you taught your mom how to use a clicker yet? What I would do is sit when I see another dog coming and then let her click the clicker. This means that she has to give you a treat. If you stay calm, she has to click and treat again. Have her do that for as long as you can stay calm when the other dogs are coming. Soon she'll catch on!


  7. We took care of that little ole problem right off the bat....Sammer and I both refuse to walk out of the yard..yeah you heard me right..we only only only walk in the yard. As soon as momma tries to sneak in the driveway and onto the sidewalk we both freeze like little frozen popsciles and refuse to go any further. We never have to worry about mom embarrassing us in public cos we stay in the the stroller is a whole nother story!
    Stella Rose

  8. Yeah. Me and Zimmie get asked the same questions a lot! For us, it's if we have a sled (uh... no, but riding on one sounds fun...), if we're part wolf (eye roll), if Zim's a coyote (?), and if we're "snow dogs". I guess it comes with the territory.
    PS: Please tell Cinderella "woo" for me.

  9. Casey,

    Max and me has da same problem when we takes our mom fur a walk. :( We think we is gonna try da clicker like Bunny has suggested.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  10. our moms are all made out of the same mold
    Benny & Lily

  11. Cabana doesn't bark at other dogs she sees, but she used to want to meet all of them. So I trained her to look at me when she sees other dogs approaching. When she looks at me, I give her a treat. It might be more difficult to accomplish with two dogs, so I think Houndstooth's idea to teach the dogs to sit is a good one. Instead of a clicker, you can also use a marker word, like "yes" or "nice". (I feel like I have enough to carry so having a clicker in my hand seems like one thing too many.) Good luck!!