Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's STILL my birthday?!

I guess it's still my birthday, because guess who got MORE PREZZIES this weekend? Yup, this dog! I was so excited when Momma came in with a package with MY name on it. (She said I'm starting to get more mail than her.) I started wiggling extra hard when she said, "It's from Puddles!"

"Back off, Cinderella, this is MY prezzie."

"It smells so good! Open it, Momma, open it!!"

OMD, just look at all these treats! There's salmon treats, and a big giant cookie, and cheese treats that I KNOW are just a clever packaging for Cheetos. Hello, it's from PUDDLES. Ohhh, I'm drooling just from the smell. Thank you Puddles!!

And hey, one more package... with pink ribbon? And there's a tag on it that says "Cinderella." I guess she gets to share after all!

Cinderella's treats smelled SO extra good, but Momma made me pose with everything first. This is my "put down the flashy beast and give me a cookie!" look.

Om nom nom nom nom! Thanks so much, Puddles! We both LOVE our prezzies!

Okay, one more thing before I go, pups and kits. I need your advice! This weekend Momma and I are going to go to a Halloween Bark in the Park. I can't wait to show off how incredibly handsome I am and let Momma answer questions about LBR. But there's a costume contest! And I just can't decide between all my amazing costumes what I want to wear. I've narrowed it down to two choices.

FURST is the... PIRATE! This is a very fun costume, and I get to say "YAR!" all day.

Second choice is the... SCOTSMAN! This is a much more unusual costume. (You always see TONS of pirates at these things.) Momma loves it because she loves men in kilts, and the costume is specially made just fur me.

So what should it be, Blogville? Leave your vote in the comments, and you'll see Monday morning which one I wore!


  1. That Puddles is the BEST!! And I vote for Scotsman.

  2. Yay for Puddles knowing just the right pressies to send to a handsome man and his beautiful sis!!

    OMDs Casey you MUST wear the Scotsman attire because the color is very nice it matches your eyes and boy oh boy you wear a beret like with such style.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

    1. Hey hey HEY now! Berets are prissy and FRENCH. My pawsome and manly SCOTTISH hat is called a "tam." :)

  3. That Puddles is pretty darn special!

    I say go Scottish! You look good in green!

  4. Cheese and salmon!!! Our favorite. Oh the Scotsman
    Benny & Lily

  5. That was very nice of Puddles to send that to you Casey!! Oh the scotsman..you are so handsome in that!!
    Stella Rose

  6. Aww! It's hard to decide but I like the Scotsman costume best!

  7. What a nice thing for Puddles to do! We bet you both will be on your extra good behaviour now in case you get some extra good treats!

    Since the Scotsman costume was made especially for you and it sure does look very fanciful and different...that costume would be our vote!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. Well, I have a particular weakness for Scotsmen...


  9. I hope you emjoyed your stuffs fur your birfday. It wasn;t much but I hads to send you sumptin' fur your special day.
    Definitely da Scotsman. No lady dog will be ables to resist yuo in a kilt/skirt thingamajig...hehehehe.


  10. I just LOVE the sound of bagpipes, so I have to go with the wearing of the plaid. Really.