Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birthday Extravaganza!

So as you saw from my post yesterday, it was my BIRTHDAY!!! And oh my DOG, it was the bestest birthday ever!! See this guy?

This is my boy Neil. He doesn't live here, but he's a good friend of Momma's and he comes over to visit. Well, he usually SAYS he's visiting her, but I know he's really here to see me. And yesterday he really did come JUST to see me!! Wanna know why I love him visiting so much?

He wrestles just like a dog! It's so much fun to play with him. We wrestled until we were both exhausted, then rested and wrestled some more. Even Cinderella joined in on the fun sometimes, but mostly she sat with Momma and Miss Jessica to be petted more gently.

It was totally pawsome! Momma said he was my birthday present, and he was a grreat one!

Yup. My boy.

And as if that wasn't ENOUGH, then Momma got all excited and pulled something out of a box. And LOOK!!!

That's my very own birthday pupcake! OMD, I was so excited, I just couldn't stop wiggling. It smelled soooo good, but Momma stuck a flame-y thingy in it and made me wait while she sang a song. Okay, thanks, but I want some cake!

I was extremely generous and shared my cake with Cinderella. She thought it was super yummy.

 And so did I!  Mmmmmm. Thanks, Momma, Neil, and Miss Jessica for the bestest birthday EVER!!

...So can I have another birthday next week?


  1. What a pawsome birthday!!


  2. Wow, that is a paw some birthday present!!! I like to wrestle like that too. Your cake looks delicious!

  3. OMD OMD What a MARVELOUS pressie... your very OWN Boy... who knows the RIGHT way to play!!! OH THE CAKE the CAKE... it has your NAME on it and EVERYTHINGY. It was so nice of you to share your CASEY CAKE with Cinderella.
    I am so glad that you had a WONDERFUL Birfday.

  4. What a great birthday!!!

  5. Casey you are one lucky dude not one but two humans who love you to bits.
    We love your pictures w Neil
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  6. Wow Casey what a great birthday and you have a boy to boot!!!! We have a human girl Kasey at our house (well she is grownup and has her own home) and we told her about your name....anyhoo happy happy are blessed to have your great home!!
    stella rose

  7. That human looks like a lot of fun. We are happy to see you had the best birthday. Cool cake
    Benny & Lily

  8. That looks like the BEST birthday celebration a guy could ask for!!! Your boy Neil looks like tons of fun - I love to wrestle! And that cake! Wowzers, Casey! You all know how to party!!! (Thanks for sharing with Cinderella, by the way. And might I add how lovely she looks today?)
    Play bows,

  9. Hi Casey
    Thanks for playing my MadLibs contest. Can you send me a photo of you to go with your entry?
    Love Noodles

  10. Casey, your birthday sounds fantastic! I'm so glad you had such a festive celebration. It sounds like the most perfect birthday ever!


  11. October birthdays are the best. Did I miss how many years old you are? That cake looks FANTASTIC, but having a human who knows how to play like a dog is probably the best thing ever. Happy birthday, Casey!

  12. ooh! sounds like you had a fabulous barkday! Here's wishing you many, many more... RUH! RUH!