Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tacos tacos tacos!

Today is Taco Day here in Blogville, and I was waiting ALL DAY to have my nummy taco! Momma had to go to work early today, so we couldn't do breakfast tacos like we planned. But she promised to pick some up on the way home. And she came through!

Mmm, these smell so good, Momma! Which one's mine?

We dove right in with gusto!

Cinderella finished hers first, so she came to help me clean my plate.

Yum! Thanks for the grreat inspiration, Jazzi!


  1. If only Taco Day were every day!


  2. OMD Cinderella and Casey your Tacos look magnificent. Thanks fur sharing them with us. Just think, we can do this again in 364 more days!!!

  3. That taco looked pawsome! I ate a taco last year -- we loved it!

  4. My eyes are watering from how beautiful the tacos were.
    Stella Rose

  5. Don't ya just love Taco Day! I DO!! and you guys tacos looked so yummy. I wish it was more than once a year. If you ever need help cleaning your plate just call me over. I'd be happy to help. And to answer your question on my blog: Yes you are more than welcome to donate to Lantern House. You can even specify that it go to the Pet Area if you want. At the top right of my blog there is a St. Anne's badge and it will take you to the web site where you can donate. And if you want to specify just make a note of it in the note area. Or here is the link

  6. Your tacos looked delicious!!! Well worth the wait, I am sure!!

  7. Oh, those looked SO GOOD, Casey! It sure was nice of Cinderella to help you finish yours. Ha woo.
    Zimmie and I didn't get tacos, but I got some (cooked) egg shells crushed up in my beef, egg, bread and rice mix. It was almost like taco shells. ...if you have a really, really good imagination. My vet told Mom to do that, for added calcium. I'll have to ask her next time I see her about added taco shells instead of egg shells.