Monday, October 8, 2012

Mums & Roses

This weekend LBR held one of its biggest fundraisers, Mums & Roses! This is a giiiiiant plant sale entirely staffed by LBR volunteers, with all of the proceeds going to help the doggies of LBR. It was really cold this weekend, but that didn't damp our spirits -- or our sales!

We always have beeYOUtiful Tyler roses and tons and tons of mums, but this year we added something new. Pumpkins! We had lots of different sizes and varieties. Momma said  it was almost impossible to pick out the ones she wanted to take home.

We also had a photographer for our pumpkin patch! They took pictures of the kiddies and pups who stopped by, using their super-cute backdrop here.

We always have lots of doggie visitors too. This is a fun event that our past adopters will often show up at, so we see lots of alums! This year, little Miss Napoli was our foster guest of honor.

And guess who else showed up? Baby Austin himself!! Momma ran right to him and help him for some serious snuggle time. It was almost as good as getting to go play with him myself!

Momma communing with Baby Austin

LBR volunteers totally rocked the plant stand! In two days of sales, we earned a grand total of....


Wooooooow, that's so totally pawsome! Think how many dogs LBR can help with that much green paper! Woohoo!! Thanks to all the hard-working LBR volunteers who worked tirelessly, and thanks to everyone who came out and bought plants from us! See you in the spring for Roses for Rescue!

And don't furget to go to this link and vote for PINK to help win $15,000 for LBR! (You have to have Facebook for this one, sorry.) You can use a multiplier code with your vote to make it count extra times. (You can only use each code once. After that just vote normally, or they throw out the vote!)

JuJYjx (x 100 votes)

TECeGp (x 50 votes)
JD7w8x (x 25 votes)
9vDe2q (x 10 votes)
3Gud8Q (x 2 votes)
Please VOTE and share the news with everyone you can! The contest is almost over. We can do this!!


  1. Brilliant, well done! Just off to vote for Pink x

  2. That is wonderful!!! And seeing little Austin was an added bonus.

  3. Those pumpkins are just beautiful! And the flowers too. Have a great Monday!

  4. Mom loves fall so by default so do I especially because there is more sun in the dining room and on the chairs. Hugs Madi your BFFF

  5. Great work LBR! That snuggly picture is just what we needed this morning.


  6. AUSTIN!!!!!!!!! Look at how cute and snuggly he is!!! Woooooo!
    Great job with the fund-raiser! That is a huge amount of money!
    We voted for Pink!!!

  7. Such a great idea and what a great outcome!! Well done all of you :)
    We tried to vote for Pink but it said that the web page was old and needed to be downloaded again...
    Not sure if that means on your end or ours...
    We will try again later today to see what happens.

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. I just tried the link and it worked for me, so I think the problem was on your end.

  8. I love this post. And that picture of pumpkins is so greqat. Is that a white pumpkin? I've never seen one before. Very interesting.

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Max

  9. dat was a lot of money raised!
    Hehehe...I thoughted ya'll was sellin' mums...I was gonna gives ya'll my mum to sell.

    PS: It's almost your birfday and I has been shoppin'. Sorry but I just hads to tease you a little.

  10. wow mom fell off her chair when she saw how much you had raised....wowser!!! where has baby austin been...we must have missed something..did he find a forever home?
    great job guys!!
    stella rose

  11. That is a fantastic amount of money raised! Congratulations! You guys are obviously doing a lot of things right. I'm glad it was such a great success for you!


  12. wow, great job..We never saw no white punkin
    Benny & Lily