Monday, February 25, 2013

Pip and Puddles Take Texas!

OMDs, I'm SOOOO excited!! I feel like I've been waiting FUREVER for Pip and Puddles to finally make it to Texas! If you don't know the story by now where have you been, Pip has been having a lot of health problems lately and is checking off his bucket list. Part of that is taking a WORLD TOUR by visiting all the different bloggers! With him is his faithful nurse, Puddles, who gets him into trouble keeps him healthy and well-supplied with beer and Cheetos.

I've been planning and planning what I could pawsibly do to make Pip's trip to Texas the best possible. I mean, this is TEXAS! Everything's bigger and better here.

 I thought maybe he could meet Big Tex, but there was a mysterious accident that definitely happened while Puddles was nowhere near the state.

I was going to take them hunting their own cheeseburgers, but after I saw them hunt buffalo, I thought maybe the thrill was gone.

But Pip still liked meeting the genuine Texas longhorns.

But finally I decided there was only one thing we could do. Furst, we got a real Texas ride.

No, Puddles, don't be silly! Texas isn't like the movies.

Much better! We drove around and got stuck in traffic just like real Texans, then we pulled up to the big event! Pip and Puddles weren't really sure what was going on, but then we got inside.

 LBR foster Priddy is thrilled to meet Pip!

That's right, I took them to a Legacy Boxer Rescue pet fair! What better way to enjoy Texas than getting to meet some pawsome Texas boxers?? They were all thrilled to meet our visiting celebrities.

LBR foster Zia plays things much cooler, but she's thrilled too.

LBR foster Hailey and Puddles decided to have an impromptu concert. There were people lined up around the block to beg them to stop hear the music!

LBR foster Lorsi and Puddles practice their smiles.

Puddles and LBR foster Wylie shared a good laugh.

It was SO much fun!! My LBR furiends just can't stop talking about how nice Pip and Puddles were, how down-to-earth they are for such famous celebrities, and how their foster homes need to stock up on beer and Cheetos. (Uh-oh, I may start getting some annoyed phone calls from foster parents over that one!)

I can't believe Pip and Puddles have to leave so soon, but they have more trouble to cause stops to make! Cinderella and I are so glad that you were able to fit a visit here into your busy schedule.


  1. Pawsome visit to Texas. What a fun welcome guys. We are drooling over that epic cheeseburger. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I loved seeing Pip on that Longhorn. He is so brave. And I think the fosters will be calling to thank you. And would you look at the size of the cheese burger! Holy cow! Must have taken a whole cow to make it.

  3. Love the visit to Texas! You sure are a great host. Pip is so brave to get up on that longhorn!

  4. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO...Oh I does loves Texas and I could soo get used to hasin' bigger Cheetos and bigger drinks too. And eEVEN da cars is bigger too...which is a good thing cuz then everybuddy will stay outta my way on da road...bwhahahahaha.

    Thank you so much fur takun' us to sees all da Boxers. They was all so nice and mannerly, just can't believes they is so much bigger than me (furgotted it IS texas). I had so much fun withs them, tellin' stories of Blogville and stuffs.

    I just don't knows what I is gonna do withs Pip...he thinks a longhorn is safer then ridin' withs me.


  5. Maggie was real real worried when she heard puddles was a going to the rescue fair that she would somehow get left there...i told her Casey would never do that...wowzer that cheeseburger is the biggest we have ever ever seen....pip is so brave to ride that longhorn cow...were they a running cos they saw that cheeseburger picture?
    p.s. your boxer pictures were great!
    stella rose and maggie

  6. Ok, first up I want to say that as a fellow rescue dog ...whatever t can do to help other dogs find their forever homes, I will always do it, always!!! So step right up peeps , shake my paw, and take one of these beauties home!!

  7. WooHoo...not only everything bigger in Texas you can now lay claim to having been visited by
    the one and only Mr. Pip and Puddles the nurse. Pip looks quite a home on those long horns.
    Puddles trying to ride bare back. MOL

    Casey and Cinderella you were such great host to our bud Mr. Pip and his crazy nurse Puddles.
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  8. Now, about that cheeseburger if one of you tall dog could knock it over - I will have at it! That's better just my height.

    Wonder if my new long horn friend would mind if I hung some Cheetos off this horns?

  9. If pip ate that giant hamburger - he wouldn't be able to move for a month!!! What a terrific adventure you guys had!

  10. I'm thinking you have won the "Best Cheeseburger" award! What a great visit. I especially loved the adoption event. I know it makes Pip and Puddles feel good to help pups find their forever homes.

  11. OMD OMD...... Pip actually RODE on a LONGHORN CheeseBurger in the Making???
    THAT is really SCARY.
    LOVE that HOOOOOOGE Texas Cheese Burger... THAT is one that Pip can really SINK his TEEFS INTO!!! FUR DAYS AND DAYS on END!!
    I knew that Puddles was gonna LOVE that TRUCK thingy... did she want to Drive it???
    They certainly had a marvelous time in your Lone Star State. Hope they didn't Steal anythingy... and REALLY glad that the FIRE was BEFORE they got there.

  12. Holy Rawhide!! You guys were like the real cowboys in the days of the west. Look at those burgers!! Next you will be bull riding
    Benny & Lily

  13. Ride up cowgirl, Puddles. Look at you going so fast. Yikes. Bet you didn't know where the breaks were either. And Pip, you too, be careful of those very long horns. Hope you ate that whole gigantic cheeseburger.
    Take care you two.

  14. WooHoo!! What fun all of you had! Maybe someday we can come and visit you in Texas too!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  15. Piiiiiiip! Put dat burger down befores you choke...okays, just half and I'll takes da udder half.

    A big thanks to you Casey and Cinderella fur such a wonderful visit. I could gets used to livin' heres. Everything is so BIG!


  16. Ahhhhh took me 8 hours, but I finally finished that burger! We all have a special talent and mine is eating super-sized cheeseburgers.

    Thanks for a wonderful day!

    Your pal, Pip

  17. Well howdy! My mom is from Texas even thogh we live in California now. I have been wanting to go to TX with her sometime and now that I have seen the size of the cheeseburgers there I am going to push it a little more!!

  18. I'm so glad you took so many picture of their visit with you 'bcuz we're a little late here and we didn't want to miss the stop in Texas.

    What wonderful host's you were. Pip and Puddles sure had a great time.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  19. How pawsome that you took P & P to meet the rescue boxers!! What a thrill for everyone. This looks like a great adventure!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  20. OMD! Did Pip see/taste that humungous burger 'cause it sure did look like a bigger than life Texan burger!! Yummers! Glad P+P had some fun with all those cutie pies boxers at the rescue.And all those Cheetos!You could swim in them! Great visit and we can tell that a ball was had by all :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  21. Look at Mr. Pip sitting on that longhorn!

    I've seen it all now.


  22. We are thinking the sea of cheetos is the best thing ever... but not as good as that high to the sky burger you have... WOW!!!

    First time Momma went to Texas she went to this place that made pancakes the size of truck tires and her Bro-in-Law did not tell her.. she ordered a stack of 3 and the place was LOL'ing at her.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,