Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Dog of the Day: Schumie

Happy Foster Friday, everybody!! I love Fridays, because they mean I get to tell you all about one of the totally PAWSOME dogs available for adoption at Legacy Boxer Rescue. And boy oh boy do I have a grreat one for you today! Everybody say hello to SCHUMIE!

Poor Schumie had a ruff start in life. When we first pulled her from the shelter, she had a very heavy load of heartworms, earmites, a couple of nasty tumors, and yucky fleas, not to mention she was super-duper skinny. She just about broke her poor foster mom's heart! Schumie had to start treatment right away to deal with all those issues. She started with ear drops and flea treatment. She was going to get her tumors removed first, but it turned out her heartworms were SO bad, she was going to go into total heart failure if they put her under anesthesia!! So she had her heartworm treatment furst after all. It was a long, hard road for her, and her foster parents were so so worried about her.

 A lady doesn't usually talk about her weight, but just look at all the improvement from when Schumie furst came to us! Wow!

But you know what? Schumie pulled through everything just grreat! There were some skeery moments, but Schumie's a FIGHTER! And now she's ready to find her furever home. I know she has a VERY SPECIAL home waiting for her after all she's been through!

Schumie is 4 years old and a pawfect companion. She loves kids, dogs, AND even kitty cats! Basically she's never met anyone she doesn't like. She is house-broken and crate-trained, and she gives super soft kisses. She's the total package all right!! If you're interested in Schumie, just check out her bio page and fill out an application today!

 "Hey, Foster Momma? Do you think my furever family will find me soon?"


  1. OH she is a true blue fighter and so beautiful too!!! We hopes and prays she finds her forever and ever home soon!
    stella rose and maggie too

  2. Schumie......sweet girl you had me from when I first saw your name...very cute and OMDs you like kitties....woohoo!
    We hope you find a furever home lickety split
    Hugs madi your new BFFF

  3. Schumie is a beautiful pup. Paws crossed Schumie finds her forever home
    Benny & Lily

  4. OH my goodness...we are just swooning over here. You guys do such good good good work. Paws crossed for a super fabulous family for such a great girl!


  5. What a doll! And she's looking so much better!
    Play bows,

  6. What a sweetheart! She is definitely the total package and we hope someone will scoop her up and give her the best , most spoiled life ever! Thank you to her foster parents for helping her through ALL that.They are PAWSOME!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  7. Schumie will have a furever home Soon... we just FEEL it!!!

  8. You Boxers are some tuff cookies fur sures! It still boggles my mind hows people can do dis. But da important thing is dat Shumie is gaining weight and is healthies. She is perfect and will soon find dat perfect home.


  9. Hi Schumie! I hope you find your forever home soon!