Thursday, May 17, 2012

A special welcome home, and nickname results

LBR welcomed a special friend to her furever home yesterday.

Baby Skittles is home with Auntie Sharon, LBR's Pack Leader. Auntie Sharon says, "She will have a special place on my desk and she will be a reminder to me, daily, of why I will keep doing what I do. Even when it hurts."

Every time I think I'm as proud as I can be of this group, something happens that makes me even prouder of them. <sniff> Welcome home, Skittles.


Now for the results of Sarge's Nickname Game

 You've all voted, and Cinderella and I have our new nicknames for next week.  It was kind of a blowaway victory for one of mine, but Cinderella had two names in a dead heat for a while and it came down to just one vote!

Anyway, for the next week, you're looking at...

Case-ster and Cindy Lou!

Thanks everyone for voting! We promise that we will go by these nicknames for an entire week! Sarge, I can't wait to hear how all of the rest of the voting goes!

Boxer burns,


  1. We're so sorry and sad that Skittles story didn't have a happy ending.

  2. Hey Case-ster & Cindy Lou!
    Wow, that is so sweet for little Skittles. Sad, but lovely too.
    Congrats on the week-long nicknames! I hope you had fun with the event.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. I think Skittles story does have a happy ending- maybe not the one everyone wanted but she has a forever home. It does make me sad though.

    Mamma Heartbeat

  4. We are very sad still about Skittles. She was lucky to have such a great group of humans fighting for her.

    Keep us posted on how the nickname for a week goes. My humans are far to scatterbrained to remember that!


  5. MOL Casey and Cindy Lou!! At least both new names are close enough that when called you will not miss any meals or treats or fun.

    Welcome home Skittles...what a beautiful resting place for a very brave boxer puppy.
    Hugs your BFFF,

  6. GruffHello there! We saw your comment on Sarge's blog and came a paw plodding over to have a sniff about your pawticulars and does us a bit more voting on Nicknames - but I am often late, like the cow's tail - as I think you have already decided!!! (mine is at a delicate stage at the moment,the 2 front runners are The Beef Meister and GodHeNeedsaBath - if you get chance, please come and vote for the former for me - I really don't think I be requiring a bath anytime soon no siree!). I like Case-Ster as it sounds very masculine, and Cindy Lou is a really happy sounding name rhyming with doggiddy do - love and licks, The Beef Meister Barnie (not that I am trying to influence anyone unduly ha ha!) x

  7. Glad Skittles is home...Cindy Lou, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  8. Those are two fine nick names and I can't wait until next week so we can officially call you by them.

    Thanks for the info on Skittles, we will head over.

    Bert and My Vickie

  9. I quite like your nick names.
    Thanks You for my Birthday Wishes, I'll get George off his fuzz bum to pay to a visit :)
    Love and Hugs Tess xxx