Friday, March 15, 2013

Godspeed, Falkor

If love could have healed you, you'd be with us still. I'm so sorry humanity let you down. Fly free with the other luck dragons, baby. You'll have lots of LBR family waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.


  1. nooooooooooooooo! so many tears. we're so so so so so sorry to hear this.

  2. So furry much sorry tue hear about Falkor - fur the past couple of dayz he did know that people can b kind and loving. Falkor is happy and pain-free now - running thru the meadowz at the Rainbow Bridge.
    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

  3. We're so sorry! Thank you for showing Falkor so much love!
    Play bows,

  4. Oh noooo, I am so sorry to sees dis. How heart breaking!
    Little man, I is sorry you left so soon fur da bridge but knows dat we was pullin' fur you and we was lovin' you fur time you was heres. Run Free Falkor!


  5. SAD.... SAD and SORRY.
    Poor Falkor will never have another moment of misery. Wish it could have turned out differently... OR More importantly.. never have happened in the first place.... But the misery is behind him now.

  6. OH NO! WE believed that all our love would make him better, We are cryin for him ..Sammer and Turd is greetin him at the bridge and showing him how good love really feels, I just knows he feels it from all of us also...WE ARE SO SAD.
    Stella Rose and Mags

  7. Mom just saw dis on da Facebook and her is cryin' now. We wuz prayin' real hard fur Falkor and hopin' beyond hope dat him would make it. Thank you LBR fur showin' him dat not all peoples are evil and cruel. We is sure Falkor felt da luv from all of you who tried to save him
    RIP sweet one :(

    Maggie Mae and Max

  8. My heart broke when I saw his picture last night... and it broke even more when I heard the news this afternoon. We feel so awful that this was the life poor Falkor knew, but he left for the bridge in loving, caring arms... probably the first of his life. Run free handsome Falkor.
    -Corbin's momma, Jenn

  9. So very sad. The only consolation we have to offer is that no bad person can ever hurt him again.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Our hearts are broken that he didn't make it. But he's running free through the meadows at the Bridge.

  11. We are so very sad and sorry that he didn't make it! At least he's at peace and free of pain now. Poor guy!