Saturday, March 16, 2013

Foster, um, Saturday

Hi dere, everyones! Dis is Jewel! I is an LBR foster dog, looking for my furever family. And dis week I've been SO lucky, because I gots to stay with Casey and Cinderella while my foster family was away on Spring Break!

I is gonna gloat SO hard once I gets home!

See? We've been having lots of fun!! Casey pawmised me at the beginning of the week that he'd let me do the Foster Friday post. But den he remembered dat Friday was Pip & Puddles Day PLUS Stuart and Ranger's barkday pawty, so he said I could post on Saturday instead. Dat's okay by me, 'cause I still hads to figure out what to say!

I thoughts and thoughts and thoughts about it.

Dis is mah thinking pose.

I was starting to gets worried, because I couldn't thinks of anything to say!

See? Blank inside. Tragic.

I looked everywhere for inspiration.

Any inspiration down here?

But nope, nothing!

When is dat post due again, Casey?

What's a grrl to do?

Dis is mah worried face.

But den Casey said to just be myself! Well... dat's easy, really. I know how to be me better dan anybody else in da whole worlds! Casey's a really smart guy sometimes.

I should've asked Casey sooner instead of worrying. I might've given myself a gray furs!

So here's me. I is a silver belle, as you can see, which means I gots beauty AND experience. I is about eight years old and the pawfect dog. No, really! I likes kids. I likes other doggies, big or small. I even likes kittehs! I likes to snuggle right up with all of them. I is housebroken and I'm super-sweet in my crate. I go right in when Casey's Momma asks me to and just wag my little nub for the treat I KNOW is coming. I'm even so good on a leash that Casey's Momma will walk me right with Casey and Cinderella, 'cause she knows I'll behave!

Dere's some really pawsome peemail down here, btw.

What I wants more dan anything in the whole world is to find a furever family of my very own. I knows dey're out there somewhere. Dey may not know dey're looking for me yet, but dey WILL! MAYBE dey'll even read this post and realize what dey've been missing!!

Dey've been missing me, Jewel.

So okay, furever-family-to-be, if you're out dere, I'm VERY ready to go homes with you. I will give you lots and kisses, play with you whenever you want, go on long walkies together, and snuggle up next to you all night. I will be a very good girl, and we will be very happy together! So stop wondering if I'm really talking about you, because you KNOWS I am! Just go here to fill out an application with LBR and say you wants JEWEL to be your furever dog.

 I'll be waiting!


  1. OMD OMD..... so sorry that everybuddy was Bizzy with Pip and Puddles and Ranger and Stuart yesterday... BUTT here you are TODAY!! AND girrrrl you did a TREE Men DUS job with your furst post!!!
    WE are kinda green with Jellyness about you getting to stay with our furends Cinderella and Casey, butt we want you to ENJOY your time with them.

  2. Yea we too say enjoy your time with C&C as soon you will be snapped up and going to a great forever home. We know it. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Love the thinking pose. It's funny how our thinking pose looks almost like we are sleeping.