Friday, March 8, 2013

Once an LBR dog, always an LBR dog!

Do you know why LBR is called Legacy Boxer Rescue? Our mission statement says, "For every life there is a legacy. In many instances the legacy passed down is not as it should be and requires help from caring souls to be fulfilled. It is our belief that all Boxers should have a legacy befitting of their wonderful enthusiasm and love of life." 

What that means is we're not just trying to find any old home for our dogs. We're looking for their forever home, where they'll be able to have a legacy of love and caring. That also means that once you're an LBR dog, you're part of our family forever!!

This is Tanzy and Buddy. Tanzy was adopted from LBR in 2006, and Buddy was adopted in 2007. They've been together ever since, living with their momma Becky. She loved them very much, and we knew they'd found the legacy they deserved!

Sadly, their momma was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a very fast-moving and deadly cancer. While she was fighting, she took so much comfort from Tanzy and Buddy. She wanted to make sure that once she was gone, they would have a home and be able to stay together. Unfortunately, no one in her family was able to take them in. But when Becky passed away this week, LBR went right away to pick them up and bring them back into our family.

We're committed to finding Tanzy and Buddy a new home together. It won't be easy -- senior pups are always harder to place, and it's never easy finding a home for a pair -- but we will fulfill their momma's last wish. Tanzy and Buddy are Becky's legacy, and they're LBR's too.

If you know anyone in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area who might be interested in these two grreat dogs, please contact Legacy Boxer Rescue!


  1. We're so sorry to read about Becky. We are keeping our paws crossed that Tanzy and Buddy will find a new, loving home real soon. They sure deserve it!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. Oh how heartbreaking to hear Becky passed. But it is a blessin' to knows Tanzy and Buddy were left in good paws...LBR. Thank you fur honorin' Becky's wish.
    I hope they find their furever home soon.


  3. OH my word...we are so so so sad to hear about Becky. Bless you all. This is a perfect example of why we just love rescues. You LBR folks are so amazing.


  4. So sad about Becky and we hope a new forever home can be found for Tansy & Buddy. Our paws are crossed. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Aww! I love this post!! As a boxer mom myself, my heart breaks for these cuties but they are so lucky to be with LBR. Y'all make my heart smile!

    Mamma Heartbeat

  6. Awwwww we feel so bad. THAT is really sad.
    Guess we never though about what the LBR actually stood fur. THAT is a good thingy.

  7. We have goosebumps cos of everything you shared with us...thank you for taking those boxer babies back into your rescue and we are saying a prayer everyday that they find the home that they need. It is so sad to read about their momma.
    stella rose and mags

  8. What a wonderful organization LBR is and their mission statement makes us misty.
    We are so sorry about Momma Becky's passing but thank goodness you all were there to ease her mind about her babies Tanzy and Buddy. I hope and pray you can keep them together.
    We dropped off some items at a local shelter. They had two senior dogs there under the same circumstances.
    Hugs and blessings
    Madi and Mom

  9. Oh this is breaking my heart paws are crossed that they find another home soon. I am sure their mom Becky is watching over them ...

    Your pal, Pip

  10. There is so much saddness. Thank goodness you are there to make things easier. I am sure that meant a lot to Becky.


  11. So sad. The stories we hear from the Frenchie rescues are sad too.
    Benny & Lily

  12. Good luck, you guys! What a heart-breaking story.

  13. Our paws are crossed that Becky's two sweet legacies find a home where they are loved and spoiled until they meet up with Becky once again.Thanks for all your hard work which allows that to be a possibility :) Keep us posted!

    the critters in the cottage xo