Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy and sad

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy Gotcha Day yesterday. It was a grreat day! We only do a big celebration for birthdays, but Momma gave me lots of extra snuggles, and Cinderella and I got stuffed hooves to gnaw on! Oooh, those are the yummiest ever!

But there's something sad I have to tell you about. The past two days' posts were pre-written, and Momma and I decided to leave them as they were. But on Tuesday night, Momma got a terrible phone call. My foster brother Pumba had been having a lot of problems lately, anxiety issues that turned into aggression. His momma did everything she could to help him, but she had to turn him back over to LBR. We hoped hoped HOPED that it would be something with a medical cause, like thyroid issues, and ran bunches of tests. But the last of the tests came back negative on Tuesday. LBR made the hardest call they ever have to make and decided to help Pumba to the Bridge.

Momma went on Wednesday morning to be with him. She said he recognized her right away, even though she fostered him almost two years ago, and started wiggling. They played in the parking lot for a while and sat under a tree, then she laid down with him and held him the whole time until he was gone. She was very, very sad. We wish there was something else that could have been done. But we know he was sick, even if it was something we couldn't diagnose, and he's better now. I bet he and my aunt Kaitlin have found a big giant couch to sprawl on together!

Godspeed, Pumba. I'm so sorry we couldn't help you.

PeeS: I couldn't pawticipate in See Beautiful this month, but go to the post here to find out about two easy ways you can help St. Anne's Homeless Center The Lantern House: Pet Area, a project very near and dear to my good furiend Goose's heart.


  1. there are no words in the whole wide world to make you feel better or I would find them. My mom told me sometimes parents have to make the hardest decisions in their lives and you had to do that, ...that was called being a good parent. Hugs, and prayers to you.
    Stella Rose and Mom

  2. I am sorry sorry. :( I know that these decisions are very hard, but you loved Pumba to the very end. Run free Pumba.

  3. Being in rescue, I know how hard and heartbreaking those decisions are to make. But, just think you are the reason he was able to have two wonderful years in a forever home. He left for the bridge in loving arms and knowing he was given the best shot possible. Casey, give your momma a big smoochie from us and give her lots of snuggles to make her feel better. You gave him the best two gifts you could have given him... life, and a loving transition to the bridge.
    -Corbin's momma, Jenn

  4. This is such sad news. We're so very sorry. We know this was a heart-wrenching decision to make. God speed, sweet Pumba!

  5. Oh Casey we are so very sorry about Pumba ...sudden change in personality. Run free and happy Pumba and with no worries

    Hugs madi and Mom

  6. That is so sad. Luv your mom for seeing him off to the bridge though.

  7. Oh dear Caey and mom, I is so sorry Pumba haded to go to da Bridge. Dat was a very much selfless act in makin' dat decision to helos him. We is sendin' hugs to ya'll.

    And of course I is late withs your Gotcha Day HAPPY BELATED GOTCHA DAY!


  8. That's so sad about Pumba. But he died in your arms and loved. That must mean something. I wish him a most excellent journey. Hugs X

  9. Sending big, strong rottie hugs to your momma for being an extra loving person.


    -Bart and Ruby

  10. We're so sorry to hear about Pumba. Your mom is so very sweet to go be with him. I know it was a comfort to him - and that kind of love never, ever goes away.