Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 is HERE!

OMD, I'm so excited I can hardly STAND it! 12-12-12 is finally HERE! Legacy Boxer Rescue had some big fundraising events for 10-10-10 and 11-11-11, but I know that 12-12-12 is going to be the very BEST of them all! This is a Facebook event, so please go to LBR's Facebook page to check out all the pawesome activities we have today, including a doggy photo scavenger hunt!

The main point of today, though, is to raise money for the pups. To that end, we're asking everybody to donate just $12 today. That's just lunch money to a lot of peeps, but think of all the good it can do in the hands of a grreat group like LBR! So even if you don't have Facebook, you can donate your $12 here to help the dogs.

I can't leave my Blogville peeps out in the cold, though! I wanted to do something special for 12-12-12 without taking away from the Facebook event. So I figured I'd share something very personal today, the reasons Momma and I believe so much in LBR and what they do. Does anyone recognize this guy?

Sad to say, that's ME! That's how I looked when LBR first found me. I was very sick with mange and had lost most of my furs. Plus I was left out to fend for myself in a backyard with a bunch of other dogs, and it was HOT in the Texas summer. But LBR saved me!

Now I'm happy, healthy, and loving life! I'm SO lucky to have my pawsome house and Momma and Cinderella, and even the kitties. I had a pretty grreat happily ever after, didn't I? But you know one really cool thing I get to spend my happily ever after doing? I'm a FOSTER BROTHER! Not all the time, but Momma and I sometimes take in LBR dogs who need a chance. Do you know who the furst one was?

Aww, she still had such a pretty smile! Yup, that's my beeYOUtiful sissy Cinderella, back when she wasn't in very good shape either. She'd just had puppies (one of MANY litters) in a shelter, and she was sick with heartworms and allergies and all sorts of yucky stuff. But look at her now!

Cinderella was our furst foster, but she didn't stay with us then. She found a new family and went to stay with them, and then Momma came home with...

Tiana! She was a sad little stray who was picked up by Animal Control. Momma brought her home, and she was just the sweetest little bundle of love. She was still very young and playful, so we had LOTS of fun together!! She found the bestest home in the world, with a momma and daddy who love her, plus THREE fur brothers to play with. She's got a pretty darned good life now!

After Tiana, Momma heard about the sad story of an older dog who was about to be euthanized in a shelter.He was not only older but a BIG guy, so people were wary of taking a chance with him. But guess who he went home with?

Yeah, Momma never met a sad story she didn't love. That's Pumba as he's leaving the shelter, so he's already happier! Pumba was a very sweet and loving guy with the humans. With me.... well, we played at first, but Pumba tried to boss me around a little too much after a while, so we fought a bit. Momma decided he needed to be an only dog, and she found a grreat home where he had lots of humans to love, including some little boys who play and play with him. He thinks it's a pretty good deal!

 Good grief, I can hardly catch my breath with all these pups! Momma decided to stick with girls. She heard about a cute little puppy, just a year old, who was in a home that didn't have time to give her the love and playtime she needed.Say hello to...

Briar Rose! She looked very little and solemn in her picture, but Momma got there to pick her up and said, "Some dog ate my little princess!" Because she didn't have enough exercise time and wasn't eating good food, she'd gained a lot of weight. But no worries -- with some training at Camp Casey, she was in fighting trim in no time! She found a home with a momma who likes to jog with her for miles and miles and MILES, PLUS there are a whole bunch of kids who chase her all over the HUGE yard. She pretty much spends every minute either at an all-out run or like this. Just like she likes it! 

After Rosie, sweet Cinderella was returned by her wicked stepfather. Momma pretended she could just foster her again, but eventually she admitted that Cinderella was OURS. Hah! Since then, we don't foster as much, but we've had a few special cases, like...

VIVIAN! Oh, Vivian, we love you so much. If we could've had two boxer females, we would've kept you furever. Vivian was another sweet boxer who turned up in a shelter. Can you imagine? She was a little gray, but she still had lots of spunk and fire. We all loved her, but eventually Momma found her the perfect furever home with a daddy who loves her and spoils her almost as much as we did.

I bet some of you will remember the next one, since we just had her recently. Look at this sad face.

Poor Laila! She and her brother Boomer used to have a daddy who loved them very much. But then he had to start working all the time, and their stepmom kept them penned up in a small kitchen ALL the time. That's no way for a boxer to live! LBR tried for a long time to keep her and her brother together, but when they finally agreed to separate them, Momma and I claimed Laila for our very own. She was so much fun, and we found her a grreat home with a momma to spoil her and little grandmonsters to play with!

 WOW! Can you believe all the GOOD that LBR has done in just ONE home?! And there are 200 LBR volunteers, with TONS of foster homes bringing in lots more dogs than Momma and I can manage. That's all the AMAZING work that LBR can do, and YOU can be part of it too! We really hope to ROCK the donations today and raise lots and lots of green papers for LBR. If you're able, please donate just $12 (or more!) today to help LBR keep helping these amazing dogs.

LBR is doing 12-12-12 as one easy way you can help dogs in need. But there are LOTS AND LOTS of ways to help! So here's your chance to get in on the prizes even if you're not on Facebook. Just leave a comment on this post telling me how you've helped dogs (or cats or any other animals) in need. Did you volunteer at a shelter? Did you pass out flyers for an adoption event? Did you foster a dog? Did you donate time or money to a rescue group? Let's show all of Blogville how MANY ways there are to help animals in need! Momma and I will randomly select a winner out of the comments, and you'll win a toy PAWSONALLY selected by yours truly.

Happy 12-12-12, everyone! And here's to many, many more years and dogs!!


  1. Can we mail you the $12.00 oh it did my heart good to see the positive changes in each of your boxer rescues...bless your heart and hugs from all of us here!
    Stella Rose and Mom

    1. Yes, absolutely! LBR's mailing list is 424 Plainview Dr., Hurst, TX 76054.

  2. What a beautiful post.

  3. Good luck with the 12 12 12 fundraiser! We donated $12 from Lassie and $12 from Benji! (Sorry it's not more.) Thanks for all you do in helping out Boxers in need! You guys are pawsome!

  4. We love this post. So many happy tears! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

    You sure have it good Casey. We're glad you continue doing good and that your mom is so awesome and loving to all those pups!


  5. You are a great foster brother Casey. I'm so glad your mom found you (and LBR!!)

  6. If we fostered we would keep every buddy
    Benny & Lily

  7. What SAD but yet WONDERFUL stories. LOVE a Happy Ending. We are so glad that You and Cinderella are together.. to STAY. {{SIGH}} Just LOVE a Happy Ending.

  8. What success stories! You look great! And Cinderella ... what can I say?!!? What a beauty!!! Inside and out!

  9. Oh those stories are pawesome :)

  10. Morning Casey ...we hang our head in shame at missing yesterday. It is MOM's fault plain and simple. She has a routine she follows when we read comments BUT yesterday she and Dad broke up the routine by going to a retiree lunch and mom's one track mind ran off track

    What a very beautiful and heartfelt pose. We were in total disbelief at how you and Cinderella looked in that other life. OMDs you are both so beautiful it is hard to imagine
    Hugs madi your sorry BFFF