Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy birthday, Hammer!

Guess who this handsome guy is? His name is Hammer, and he's the reason LBR exists!! Auntie Sharon, LBR's fearless Pack Leader, adopted him when he was a little bitty puppy. He was the very first boxer she'd ever had, and because of him she fell in love with the breed and started to get active in boxer rescue. That led to her founding Legacy Boxer Rescue and saving hundreds of dogs, including yours truly!

And guess what?? Hammer turned 10 years old this weekend!

 All of us at the Legacy Chronicles would like to wish the Hammster a very, very happy birthday, and our biggest, most sincere thanks for inspiring Auntie Sharon to found LBR. We love you!!


And just because she's pretty too, here's Hammer's sissy Ginger wishing him a very happy birthday -- and hoping he'll share his pupcake!


  1. Happy birthday, youngster! And welcome to the double digits! You know what they say - double the digits, double the fun! Or maybe that's just the way Dave and I look at it...
    Anyway - hope 10 is as fun for you as it was for both of us!
    Play bows,

  2. Happy Birthday Hammer! How many boxers have been saved because of your inspiration?


  3. Happy Happy Barkday Hammer. OMC you are a most handsome and stately gentledog. Have a wonderful day doing everything you enjoy,
    Hugs Madi Casey's BFFF

  4. Happy Birfday Hammer!!!!! Wishin' you da bestest birfday and many many many more to come!
    Thank goodness fur da inspiration he gaves so nows more boxers can be saved.

    Hey does he do da MC Hammer dance? Just though I'd ask.


  5. Happy Birfday Hammer, From Frankie Furter & Ernie

  6. Happy Birthday, Hammer!!!! You are a true inspiration.

    Your pal, Pip