Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We're ready for our closeup!

Look at LBR foster Moby getting a fancy spa treatment! Why are LBR dogs getting so spiffed up?

Because they're going to be on TV today!! LBR fosters Moby, Marshmallow, and Bexar (pronounced like Bear) are going to be featured on "Good Morning Texas" this morning, along with LBR Pack Leader Sharon Sleighter to talk about our big Roses for Rescue fundraiser! Mom set the DVR so we can all watch it together tonight.

If you're in the DFW area, watch Channel 8 WFAA at 9am. We don't know exactly when our segment will be, but sometime after 9am. They should post it on their website afterward, so I'll share the link once I get it! Go Marshmallow, Moby, Bexar, and Auntie Sharon!!!

PeeS: If you heard about the super crazy scary tornadoes in DFW yesterday, I'm okay and so are all of the LBR foster homes and volunteers! It was an incredibly crazy day and we were all super worried about each other, but everyone came through okay.

Pupdate: Because of the tornadoes, they're not going to be airing our segment today. They're still taping it, but it won't air until tomorrow. I'll share a link as soon as it's online!


  1. Hi Casey wish we could watch today but we are way far away from DFW...we know it will be a very good and informative show though.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  2. How exciting!! We need a pawtograph
    Benny & Lily

  3. That's very exciting!
    We are very glad to hear you're OK! Those storms were very scary!

  4. THANKGOODNESS ya'll is ALL okays afters da tornadoes! Dats wonderful news!
    Please get us a link when you can ciz I wanna sees my famous furiends...hehehehe.


  5. We are so glad that you're all ok!

    Yahoo for being on the news! We hope you get lots of good families from that publicity!



  6. OH I am sooooooo very much glad to hear from you... Glad that you are safe from those horrid tornadoes that went through your area.

    I hope you have some behind the scenes pics of your big day on TV.