Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Christmas pictures!

Ho ho how many pictures do I have, anyway?! All these LBR dogs just can't wait to wish you a merry Christmas!

Okay, maybe LBR alum Rembrandt isn't quite so eager. Every post needs a Scrooge!

LBR alums Santa Spruce and Bonsai Elf wish you a merry Christmas!

The Robbins brothers can't wait to open all their presents under the tree!

LBR alum Nike Claus isn't quite so ready for the holidays.

LBR foster Neo can't wait for bedtime on Christmas Eve so Santa can come!

LBR alum Magnum loves his Christmas tree.

Wasn't Robin a good boy for Santa?!

I think we'll leave you with LBR alums Schatzie and Tyson dreaming of Christmas morning.

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