Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm back! I missed all of you, but boy did I have fun snuggling with Grandma and going on lots and lots of walks with Grandpa. Mom says she had fun on her cruise-thingy too, but I know she was just so lonely without us.

To celebrate my return, I have an incredibly special dog to talk to you about. Meet APACHE!!

Are you looking for your soul dog? Apache is a loving boy who’s looking for his own special forever home. He love’s people of all ages, & being near them most of the day. A person/family that is home most of the day would be his dream come true. He currently lives with 3 other boxers but his ideal home he would be the only pet. He didn’t have the best first 2 years of his life so now that his life is good, he wants to be spoiled & spoil his people right back. Some of his favorite things to do are snuggle, spoon with you on the couch, play ball & play with his rope toys. Oh & eat!! He loves breakfast & dinner time, he can get a little messy with that tongue but no need to worry, he’ll clean up after himself. He’s also a great shadow, you never have to worry what he’s up to as he’ll be right by your side.

He doesn’t know a lot of tricks or commands but he learns routine very quickly so we talk to him like he’s human & he understands. Sit is one command he is great at & every time he does it, he gets a very proud look on his face! He adores children of all ages & gets so excited anytime they come to visit him. He doesn’t mind the 4 year old girl that loves to chase him, use him as a step stool, as a recliner, or hug him until his eyeballs are about to pop out.

Apache has been with LBR for more than two years as he worked through some health problems. We thought he was going to be a Keeper for a while because of kidney problems, but now as long as he eats a special food he's fine! He really needs to be an only dog, though, and he absolutely deserves a fabulous home of his own. You can learn all about Apache at his page on www.savetheboxers.com.

Let's find Apache a home for Christmas!

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