Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas loot!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Cinderella, Mom, and I all packed up and headed to my Grandma and Grandpa's house for Christmas. We got to play with my cousin Bear (my uncle's dog) and my aunt Gracie (Grandma & Grandpa's dog). Plus, on Christmas morning we had a ton of pawsome presents! Lookit! (Oh, and Mom says sorry about the bad pictures, but she forgot her camera and could only take pictures with her phone. Sheesh, Mom!)

Okay, they're not all for me. They're for me, Cinderella, our kitties, Gracie, and Bear. But I helped Mom open most of them! Here's Cinderella playing with some cool toys from our Aunt L.

Mom got pretty new ID tags for me and Cinderella. I already looked pretty darned handsome, but with the new bling, I'm almost too good-looking to be allowed! (No, boxers don't have modesty problems. :))

Cinderella liked hers because it was pink and sparkly. Hmph, girls!

Grandma and Grandpa gave us cool toys too! The fox is mine, and Cinderella got a rabbit. (The duck in the background is my cousin Bear's. I picked it out for him because I have one at home that I play with lots!)

I hope everyone's Christmas was as much fun as ours! Now I think I need to sleep for a few months straight to recover from all the excitement.

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  1. Oh, Christmas really IS Most Exciting, isn't it? I luved all your new pressies and yes, you and Cinderella both looks very much gawjuss in your new collar bling! We had loads of fun, too, and it's taken us abouts 3 days to get all caught up on our naps.

    Wiggles & Wags,