Friday, August 1, 2014

Mail call!

Oh boy, oh boy, you'll never guess!! Momma came in from the magic mail box, and there was a package for ME! (Okay, for me and Cinderella.) It was from the Crabby Girls! Cinderella and I won their contest to pick a name for their new dog statue. We chose Davy Jones, because it's a good nautical name and he was Momma's favorite Monkee. BOL!

So anyway, Momma brought in the box and showed it to me. I was so excited, I told her to open it RIGHT AWAY!

Ooh, there was a very nice note from the Crabby Girls inside. It's very impawtant to read the card before you start diving into the presents, you see. I'm glad I got this sweet note from Sheldon, Beachnut, and Oceana.

What's this, Momma? It looks exciting! Oh, it's a tough discus, just right for outside play!

And... and... OMD! Momma, I don't know what this gray thing is, but I LOVES it already! It's soft when I squeeze it, it bounces, it has tough rope arms and legs for playing tug, and it SQUEAKS!! Now now now I want to play with it NOW!!

Okay, okay, I'm posing with my pressies. Thank you very much, Crabby Girls!

NOW can I -- fine. Since it was Cinderella's package too, she needs to pose. Here. She's smiling, I'm looking at the camera, it's a package deal.


 OMD, this is the best pressie EVER!! Thank you, Crabby Girls and your Hands. I'm over the moon!


  1. Oh boy we bet that surprise package made your day
    Lily & Edward

  2. ah we can tell you both are enjoying those presents....we like that name you picked also. have a great Friday.
    stella rose

  3. Now those toys look so much nicer than the dirty old tree rat you almost caught yesterday!


  4. Looks like that was a wonderful pressie!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Happy Days! What great pressies!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  6. OMD those are SUPER and JUST the Right SIZE fur the two of you... You will have a BLAST with them.
    CONGRATULATIONS... We know the Crabby Girrrls Love their puppy statue's DAVY JONES Name. WE do TOO.

  7. What a great prize, congratulations, winning those pawsome presents! That grey moon rock looking toy looks fabulous, you look like you are having so much fun playing with it! I'm sure that Cinderella will get in on the action too! So kind of the Crabbys and thier hands! Have fun playing love, Licks and Tummy Tickles from your Puggy furiend Frank XxxxxxxxX

  8. Hello, Darlings! We crabby girls are so very pleased that you enjoy your pressies. The photos of you are adorable, of course. We are clacking our claws with joy that the toys are fun for you to play with and we thank you both enormously for joining in our naming contest. Davy Jones was a stellar choice and we're happy that you won. Oh, we're glad you like your toys!
    Ciao and Little Pinches,
    Beachnut, Oceana, Shelldon

  9. Wow, what a fun box of goodies. We just love getting mail!

  10. How FUN! Did you get to play in the box, too!??!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher