Thursday, August 21, 2014

Celebrate our golden oldies!

Did you know today is Senior Citizen Day? Well, it IS! And that means it's a day to honor all the older folks in our lives that make them so much richer. Momma and I definitely have some senior citizen love, because we're surrounded by seniors in my house. That's right! First there's

Scribbles! He's 16 years old. That's not too old for a cat, though. Momma says we'll have him around to grumble at us for a while still.

The next oldest is...

Cinderella! My beeYOUtiful sissy. She turns 13 in exactly one month. That's pretty old for a boxer, unfortunately. She's pretty deaf and blind these days, but she still rolls in the grass like a dog half her age!

Then our final senior is...

 Pigeon! My kitty sister is 12, but she doesn't look it. She looks almost just the same as when she found Momma 11 years ago.

Momma says she LOVES her golden oldies. Senior pets are the best because they've gotten their crazies out and know the value of a good long snuggle.

We'll have one more senior in our house soon, too. Guess who?

That's right, ME! My barkday is coming up in October, and I'll be 7. That makes me officially a senior, and I've got a nice gray muzzle to show for it. I think it makes me look distinguished, don't you?


  1. It is a special day for sure. We wish more seniors would get adopted. Not fossil mom, we mean pets
    Lily & Edward

  2. Is 7 officially a Senior? OMD….. den I know even more seniors dan I thought.
    You are lucky to be surrounded by all dat wisdom.

  3. i would love to kisss all your senior faces, so consider yourself kissed... and i did not know it is senior citzen day but my post today has both our senior faces and there ages. so that worked out accidently.

  4. We seniors are full of love for sure. I'm 12.5. You are all looking like youngsters to me!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. The other thing that's cool about being a senior is that I can UNDERSTAND mom. No really, I can!!

    -Bart, almost 10 :-)

  6. I (Ernie) am Surrounded with SENIORS also.... Frankie and Mom and Dad are OLDER than DIRT. BUTT you know what... they really are LOVABLE.. So I am with you in this celebration of the OLD DOODS.

  7. We have our Senior being honored today too - Seniors are great - looks like you have lots of lovable Seniors there. Happy Senior Day to all.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Oh Casey, you gots a Looonnnng way to go to be a Senior pup, but we all need to honor them seniors for teaching us young pups the ways of life!


  9. Happy Senior Citizen day to all of y'all.

    Aroo to you,

  10. I am officially a senior too, but whatever, I am just the same me! I bet you are too. You look very distinguished and very handsome(blushing).

    Happy Senior Day to all the pals in your house and to you.

    Loveys Sasha

  11. I LOVE seniors!!!!! And yes, you look VERY distinguished! Cinderella still looks SO beautiful -- I'll have to ask her what her beauty secrets are! She doesn't look a day over 9! Maybe it's her inner beauty shining through? Whatever it is, she is gorgeous.
    Happy senior day to your kitties, too! They both look like very nice cats!