Friday, August 15, 2014

Pet Safety Week: Storm Safety!

Hello, folks, and welcome to the Legacy Chronicles' contribution to Pet Safety Week! OMD, there have been SO many grreat events going on this week. I've learned so much about how to stay safe in all kinds of conditions.

Today I'm going to talk to you about STORM SAFETY. Here in Texas, we get all kinds of storms. Big loud skeery thunderstorms, big twister tornadoes that will take you to Oz, and hurrycanes that will drown you out. Blergh!! So Cinderella and I are well-equipped to tell you all about how to stay safe. We've got tips for safety before, during, and after every kind of storm.

Remember the Dog Scouts motto: Be pawpared!

Before the Storm:

Being prepared is the most impawtant factor in staying safe in storms. You should help your human put together an emergency kit for storm survival. This is good for if you have to flee suddenly, like in a hurricane, or if you have to batten down the hatches and ride out a storm or wait for power to be restored after a bad storm. Your pet kit should include:
- Food and water for three days
- A week's supply of any medications
- A copy of vaccination and veterinary records
- A pet first-aid kit

Don't furget food and water bowls and a comfy place to lie down during the storm. Make sure you have a kennel handy or an extra leash so you can stay together if you need to evacuate suddenly.

During the Storm

Storms can be so skeery for us because we can hear, smell, and sense things that our humans can't.  So it's impawtant to have a safe place to go during a storm. This should be an interior room, like a closet or a bathroom, where we'll be safe from broken windows and flying debris. If you're most comfortable in your crate, that may be a good place to spend a storm, since it gives an extra sense of security.

Treats are a nice way to stay calm during bad weather!

Humans need to remember to stay calm, since we pick up on their moods. Extra treats and cuddles can really help keep everybody calm. A light massage, especially behind the ears, can be extra calming. If you get especially anxious during storms, your human may want to consider getting an herbal calming product or a prescription calmer from your dogtor.

Thundershirts are another wonderful help for especially anxious pups. They're a special kind of jacket that fits very close and feels like a nice soothing hug. I've never used one myself, because I don't get very anxious during storms, but I've talked to some of my foster siblings and they say it's a huge help. If you don't have a Thundershirt, a tight t-shirt can help too.

Hopefully you won't have to make a swim for it!

After the Storm

Once the storm has passed, you can't relax your vigilance yet! Make your human check your yard very carefully before letting you out. They need to make sure the fence is still up, no holes, and the gate securely latched. They should also check for debris in the yard that could be dangerous. When you go on your first walkies after the storm, keep an eye out for more debris that might cut your paws or block your path.

If the worst happens and you escape during a storm, stay calm! Your human is sure to be looking for you. You should definitely have your collar with ID tags on during a storm so they can find you most easily. And remind them to get you microchipped to give you an extra insurance to find your way home. Even though the flashy beast can be annoying, you also want to make sure your human has up-to-date pictures of you to send to Animal Control or make posters and flyers.

Walking the neighborhood to check out the storm damage.

So there you have it, folks! If you just do a little bit of preparation in advance, you and your human can ride out a storm in safety and comfort. Stay safe and dry out there, my furiends!


  1. this is all great news and very helpful and you look wonderful in your lime green suit... thanks for all the safety tips

  2. Hey there Casey & Cinderella!
    Wow, great job today, my furiends! We all have storms of some sort no matter where we live and this is super advise for all of us. I like your pet kit items and especially the reminder to check out our territory after a storm is over. No telling what hazards might have landed in our area. OMD you both look fabulous in your gear! Thanks so very much for hosting this topic and sharing the tips.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  3. Casey and Cinderella
    You two are styin' big time today in your slickers!! OMBDs Cinderella I want a pink slicker but Mom says why you never go near water..I say I want to be fashionista like Cinderella.

    Bravo for the great information. Dang TX has lots of stormy weather too.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  4. Awesome safety tips. Every buddy should be as prepared as you
    Lily & Edward

  5. I always sleep through storms butt my sissy, Annie, knows when a storm is coming hours before it gets here. She has a crate in a dark closet where she runs to when she senses that rain is coming. (Doesn't even have to be a storm). Mom says shes a better weather forecaster than the Weather Channel. :)

    Thank you for a great post and the great tips.

  6. Great post! I get big thunderstorms and hurricanes here in FL and I like to ride out a lot of those in my crate. I also have a thundershirt for just in case. Storm Safety is super important, even after the storm has passed.

  7. Wonderful information and I just know it has kept a furiend safe!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Mayorz For All Paws

  8. Great post! I'm with you, the time after the storm is important too. Once we came out after a storm and our fence was on the way to oz like dorothy's crib. fortunately my dad did what you said and checked my backyard first before I came. we will put together a pet kit for fall and winter when the storms come to my area.

  9. I am not afraid of thunder, lightning or storms. Why three years ago me and Lee were huddled in our basement under the steps tied to each other as a tornado missed us by a mile. When we came out my fenced in yard was no more. Trees had taken my fence down. We keep a safety kit under the stairs with all our necessities. You have given us the best advice.
    Thanks Casey & Cinderella.
    Sweet William The Scot

  10. thank you for sharing this Casey and Cinderella. it was very very informative. we live only a few blocks from the Des Moines River but thankfully it is all uphill so when it floods we are safe, but we do not like those thundarboomies at all, we mostly bark. Sweet Sammer J. Simpson though was very afeared of them, and it made mom sad to watch him so upset. She put a baby onesi on him to make him feel safe....mostly he just sucked on his big headed duck puppet.....
    stella rose

  11. Wow, did I mention that my Mom went SQUEEEEEE when she saw you two in your cute rain gear? BOL Thanks again for putting this together for us and helping to make Safety Week so pawesome. You will be entered in the Host Appreciation Drawing for a cool prize. Random drawing to be held on Monday, August 18th.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  12. Thanks for da great information. Mom makes me stay close to her when it storms. I think I help keep her calm.

  13. Great info here, Casey and Cinderella! we had storms all this week, even a tornado watch north of us. We need to get our emergency stuff together.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  14. That is some very good advice. Our Hailey is fearful of storms and we have taught her to hid in a closet or our powder room with no windows to help. She also wears her thunder shirt. We are off to check our emergency kit. Thanks again!

  15. Many thanks guys, we gots a storm shelter.....but the peeps just realized they need some thingies in it for us....FOOD..... we gots beds and water and blankies.

    Thanks you for being a part of Safety Week with this important lesson!

    Top Cop Bites

  16. Miss Cinderella... Mr. Casey... TEACHERS..... TEACHERS... it is ME ERNIE... Frankie was too scared to come to your class. I gotta take 87 notes and TELL him about your Class... and BOY HOWDY is it ever a GOOD one... Frankie is askeered of Storms so he SHOULD have been here. RIGHT?
    Butt I do have everythingy you said and I WILL deliver it all to him... and MAYBE he won't be so askeered in the future.
    I, your PUPIL...Ernie , would like to THANK YOU fur this MOSTEST INFORMATIVE Class... that SOME of us NEEDED more than OTHERS... Just sayin. You did a GRAND JOB and your graphics are GRRREAT too. LOVE your rain slickers.

  17. My name is Bentley and I am a Thundershirt wearer. I am not ashamed to admit that storms scare me, but my mom just wraps me up in my shirt. It helps me find my mellow. Thanks for the great class. I want a raincoat now. ☺

  18. That is great advice and information. I do not like thunder at all. I get very nervous. I also will not wear a thunder shirt so Mommy got some calming chews from my Vet Lady. They help but I still don't like it. Mommy loves the idea of an emergency kit and she is gonna get that together.

    Thanks for a great post.

    Love Sasha

  19. When we hear da storm sirens, it are time for a bathroom pawty. BOL!

  20. Wonderful tips. Now I see that I need a more fashionable coat too!


  21. That is excellent advice. You two are very cute in your rain coats too.

  22. What very important information! Thanks Casey and Cinderella! I especially like the part about treats are a good way to stay calm during a storm. Maybe we should practice that part?
    Your raincoats are really nice! I especially like Cinderella's pink one!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  23. Thank you so very much, Casey you look great in your jacket and Cinderella how adorable is your pink hoodie! I have really learned a lot about storm safety, do you have many storms? I don't have many and nothing so bad that we have had any damage but it is so good to be prepared because you never know what life can throw at you, you were great teachers and Momma has really been inspired to plan ahead in case of a storm and make a plan of action just in case by getting all the things on the list ready at hand just in case! Great job! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank XxxxxxxxX

  24. This was a pawsome post. You look good in your raingear! (We are a bit slow in reading all the safety week posts.) Thank dog it didn't rain over the weekend!