Friday, September 28, 2012

Sweet Candy

LBR is already in love with our newest members, Andi's Candies, who were born on Wednesday afternoon! Andi is a very good momma and is doing a grreat job taking care of all her babies! Here she is snuggling with Whoppers.

Sweet little Runts is the tiniest of them all. Here she is getting a little bit of extra help in growing with an extra bottle from her foster daddy. Keep your paws crossed that she keeps growing and improving!

Hey, do you know what would be a grreat birthday pressent for the puppies? $15k for LBR!!

Go to this link and vote for PINK to help win $15,000 for Andi's Candies and the rest of LBR! (You have to have Facebook for this one, sorry.) You can use a multiplier code with your vote to make it count extra times. (You can only use each code once.)
JuJYjx (x 100 votes)

TECeGp (x 50 votes)
JD7w8x (x 25 votes)
9vDe2q (x 10 votes)
3Gud8Q (x 2 votes)

Oh, and don't furget that today is the last day to enter my furst ever contest! Go to this post to see my "caption this" photo and submit your caption in the comments. Entries must be in by 5pm (Central time) TODAY. I'll pick my favorite and send you a toy pawsonally picked out for you by yours truly! 


  1. I was thinking of some cleaver lines yesterday and then gave up. I will try again and submit a fab caption today. That first photo with LBR and her baby got me tearing up, such a sweet photo. I am voting again today! Hope she gets the money.


  2. I just voted again but I had to use just the x50 code. Looks like she is winning too ;)


  3. We voted again and used the code. Looks as though Pink is "in the pink" Heehee!

    Andi, your babies are delicious!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. Oooooh gawd, there goes my ear drums again...mum be a squealin' at da top of her lungs...kerazy lady!
    Okays they is too precious fur words. Hehehehe, love their names.


  5. Baby boxers are just adorable...before long they will be as handsome/gorgeous as Austin.
    Hugs Madi your bFFF

  6. Oh my goodness !!! What is better than an adorable puppy
    Benny & Lily

  7. We voted again! I sure hope you win!!!
    We'll be praying for little Runts and all the Candies! And Andi, too!

  8. We keep voting!! :) We hope the big money comes to you all!! :)

    The babies are adorable... the runt is so sweet.. the names are fantastic... :) we love to see the great work you all do for these precious dogs. You all are what is good about being a dog family.
    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,