Saturday, September 15, 2012

I gots MAIL!

OMD, I was soooo excited yesterday when Momma got home from work! She came in and told me I had MAIL! I was super excited, because I've only gotten ONE piece of mail before in my entire life. And guess what?? I had TWO PACKAGES!!

"Don't make me wait, Momma!!"

 The packages were from Garth Riley (with my prizes from his Silly Photo Competition) and Legacy Boxer Rescue (with my prizes for winning a brindle medal in our Summer Athletic Competition). WOW!!! Okay, we're opening LBR's first.

Umm.... Momma, I think these are for you. I don't really need koozies for my water bowl. I guess you deserve a little something for taking the picture. I hope there's something for me in here though!

Oh, much better! I got not just one but TWO toy bones to play with!! Thank you LBR! I'm proud to have won a medal in your fangtastic competition!

 Okay, I'm ready for Garth's package now, Momma! What's in the box???

OMD! Look, it's a box with my name on it, and my award-winning silly photo! That's so cool.

Ooooh, look what was inside! I have THREE cool hangy-things. Two of them have my name on it, and the other is a TROPHY for my pawsome win. (Momma turned it sideways for the picture, how silly!)

And that's not all! Look, there are TWO toys in here too! One's a really super-bouncy ball, and the other's a grreat squeaky stuffie sun. I LOVE them both!

Thank you, Garth Riley! I love love love my prizes!

Okay, enough of the photo shoot, Momma! I want to play with my new toys!

Don't furget!! My rescue group, Legacy Boxer Rescue, is trying to kick-start a new program to aid senior adoptions. LBR is in a contest to win $3,000 from the Animal Rescue Site! Our program is called "Gray Muzzle Boxers are Awesome!" You can vote here once a day until September 16th (that's tomorrow!). We LOST our lead and are fighting to get back in furst place. Please help us win! Vote every day you can, and please share this link with anyone else who might help us out! (And say happy birthday to Sydney here. :))


  1. You are back in the lead! GOod luck! Those are some awesome pressies and happy birthday!!!

  2. YEA... I got ONE MORE VOTE in this morning... Like Finn said.. you are Out in Front again!!

    Oh Casey... those are FANGtastic pressies. I am so glad that you got MAIL. It is soooooo fun... Just WAIT until CHRISTMAS... Jazzi does a Card Exchange.. Two years ago I got 87 cards.. and LAST year I got WAY MORE than THAT. PeeS... mom and dad only got 7 !!! I'm just sayin!!!

  3. Casey you are most deserving of the excellent pressies just for you!
    We loved your silly photo at Garth Riley's.
    Mom is having a fit over your photos today. She says they are simply gorgeous and I say OMCs you have long Boxer legs. Hugs your BFFF
    heading over to vote again

  4. Casey,

    I'm so glad you like your prizes! What a fun day to get TWO packages in one day!!!

    your pal,

  5. We voted!
    Those are SUCH cool presents!!! have fun with everything!
    Play bows,

  6. Yay for the mails!!! And have fun with them...

  7. What a great day! Surprise mail is the best
    Benny & Lily