Friday, September 7, 2012

Dog of the Day: Wylie

It's Friday, folks, and that means it's time for your DOG OF THE DAY! That's when I spotlight one of the totally pawsome dogs currently available for adoption at Legacy Boxer Rescue. Since we've been trying to promote our amazing gray-muzzle dogs lately, I thought I'd show you one of our spunky seniors.

Everybody say hello to WYLIE!

Wylie is 11 years old, but you'd never believe that meeting him! He can run and bounce and play with the best of them, but he's seen enough of life to know how to be a perfect Southern gentleman. He's already crate-trained, housebroken, and knows a lot of basic commands. 

"How do you do, madam?"

Wylie's favorite thing in the world is his daily walk. He loves to walk around the block and take time to stop and smell the roses. Nothing's better for a sweet old man like this than to enjoy a leisurely walk and bonding time with his favorite human! He also loves to nap and will snuggle with you all you could ask for! He does well with other dogs, but he'd really prefer to be the center of attention. I think he's earned it by now! And he likes children, but he'd do best with older ones that know how to respect important things like naptime. 

Wylie is just looking for the perfect furever family to enjoy his golden years with. If you think that might be you, go check out his bio page and fill out an application today!

Want to know a grreat way to help out more gray muzzle boxers like Wylie? LBR is in a contest to win $3,000 from the Animal Rescue Site! We're trying to start a program to help promote our senior boxers. Our program is called "Gray Muzzle Boxers are Awesome!" You can vote here once a day (per computer) until September 16th. We were neck-and-neck for first place, but we're starting to slip. Please help us win! Vote every day you can, and please share this link with anyone else who might help us out!


  1. I hope that you find a great furever home today Wylie!!! :)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  2. Hi Wylie!! Hope you find a forever home real soon. I wanted to tell you after your last post, I really looked through the animals at the NYC shelter you mentioned.

  3. we voted....i hope wylie finds his forever home soon!!!!
    stella rose

  4. Wylie looks like he would be a little pistol, sumptin' bout his eyes tells me dat.
    I sure do hope he finds him a lovin' home.

    Breaks my heart to sees seniors live their last few years with out a home...any dog reall but you knows where I be comin' from...I hope.


  5. Wylie...first of all LOVE LOVE LOVE your name!! And it fits your beautifully handsome face. We purr you find a furever home very very soon
    Hugs Madi

  6. BOL! I thought you had. Well, then I should say that with posts like these mentioning fostering, it does make us readers click around. I have no idea who mentioned the NYC place. I am losing my mind then! Have a great weekend and don't mind me too much!

  7. Good luck to Wylie! He sure is one handsome dude - he sounds like he'd make the perfect addition to anyone's family! And he's a YOUNGSTER! He's even younger than me!
    Play bows,

  8. Fingers crossed for our southern gentleman Wylie! We looove our grey muzzled seniors. I, ahem, and getting a few of those too says Mom.


  9. Weez voted! Hooray yooz is ahead :)

    Wylie, we hope you find the perfect home to spend your golden years in. You deserve the best forever family EVER!!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  10. Wylie, you'z such a cutie! Nice to meet you!
    Voting for you'll now...

  11. What a sweetie!

    I've been voting for LBR every day I can remember to. I also shared it on facebook and asked my friends to vote too! Grey muzzles rock!

    your pal,

  12. Wylie looks like such a sweetie!

    I'll go vote now!