Sunday, September 23, 2012

A very special post

I told you yesterday that today would be a very special post. Want to know why? Well, tough, you have to wait a minute, because I have to thank my good furiends for a very special award.

I guess my blog is super-duper addictive, because I got this award from THREE furiends!
- Garth Riley, a really fun Labrador who goes on all sorts of hikes and adventures
- Stella Rose of the Three Little Pugs, a really fun little black pug who's a puppy mill survivor
- Dave & Zim at the Army of Four Headquarters, who are two hard-working Sibes living by the Kansas Ocean. (And my sissy says they're both really hot. I guess in all that fur they would be -- wait, Cinderella, stop flirting in my blog!!)

"I can't help it, they're just both so cute! I can't decide if I prefer brunettes or redheads..."

So thank you all very much! I feel incredibly honored to have received this award. As part of the award, I'm supposed to share the story of how I started blogging. Which brings us back to today's Very Special Post. Today is my two-year blogging anniversary! I can't believe that it's been two whole years since I started blogging here! If you click on the magic time machine link, you can read my very first post ever. Wow, that was intimidating to write, with all the big star boxers who were working on the Legacy Chronicles then. But they had all gotten really busy and never had time to post. So the good folks over at Legacy Boxer Rescue asked a few others to step up and help share the load. Some of them still write a post here and there, but mostly they leave the blogging to me now because they can see how much I LOVE it!! I got to meet all the totally pawsome folks in Blogville and make some wonderful new furiends, plus pawticipate in lots of cool events like the Olympics, Back to School, and even taking the lovely Mayzie out for Valentine's Day. (Siiiiigh.)

Whoo, pupcakes for my blogaversary! ...Wait, what do you mean they're for 
Cinderella's birthday yesterday? Good grief, Momma, this is MY blog!

So thanks for a totally pawsome two years, Blogville! I've LOVED being a part of you, and I so so so appreciate all the support you've shown to me and LBR during that time. I hope to keep blogging with you for a long time to come!

So let's have some fun! To celebrate my blogaversary, I'm going to hold my very furst contest!

Just caption this picture! Submit your captions in a comment to this post by 5pm on Friday. I'll choose my favorite and send you a toy pawsonally picked out for you by yours truly. Have fun!


  1. Congrats on your two year anniversary!! My caption would be something like ... No, not the furminator again!

  2. Congratulations Casey! We're very glad you started blogging!

    my caption: "Are you really gonna' wear that?"

    SUCH a cute photo of you!

    your pal,

  3. Congrats!!! You are VERY deserving! :)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You deserve them FUR SURE.

    My Caption: Resistance to THIS LOOK is FUTILE!

  5. Congra... wait. We're "hot"!?! Ah woooooo!!! Oh, wait 'til I tell Zim!!!! This is so cool!!!!
    PS: Congrats on the award AND your Blogaversary!!!! Wooooo!
    PSS: Tell Cinderella "Woo!" for me!!

  6. That is an awesome award - congrats, Casey. And mega congrats on the two year anniversary.

    "Do I really HAVE to wear that silly Halloween costume?"

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. OoH Casey,

    You SO deserve such a wunderful award! Congratulations! Happy Blogaversary too!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  8. Congratulations on your blogaversary
    Benny & Lily

  9. Congratulations Casey. What a cool award!!

    How about this for a commne:

    "I know you didn't just say what I think you said?"

    Sniff ya later...........Weenie

  10. Congratulations Casey!!
    "you're taking me where to have what done?!"
    stella rose

  11. Congrats Casey and we are so glad Cinderella had a lovely day!!

    Sometimes I wish I were a feline..then I could find out what is on the counter.
    Hugs Madi

  12. We forgot to enter a caption! (Guess we got a bit hung up thinking about Cinderella - can you blame us?)
    How about "Oh, Mom! You aren't going out without me ... are you?"
    That's the look I try to give my mom when she leaves without me!

  13. Hey Casey!
    Wow, congrats on your award and your Blogaversary! I think your photo caption is: "You're not really making me get down from here are you?"
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  14. Congratulations on your award and on your two yar blogaversary! We love blogging too :)
    Our caption would say , " What did I do THIS time ?!! "

    the critters in the cottage xo

  15. "Wut do yew means we're out of treats!?"

  16. "Excuse me, did you just say Walk?!?"

    That's my caption. I just really really love that word walk. walk walk walk. Love it.


  17. Here's our caption.... "I've been blogging all night long and I haven't slept a wink."

  18. congrats on your blogversary....
    caption," But Santa, i can explain...."

  19. Ok ok, I thought of something. Hope you think it is funny and NOT offensive. We will hate to offend people.

    "Am I imagining this, or did your nose just grew bigger?"