Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Austin's 11th weekday!

Can you believe Baby Austin is 11 weeks old today?!  He's huuuuuuge now!

Don't furget!! My rescue group, Legacy Boxer Rescue, is trying to kick-start a new program to aid senior adoptions. LBR is in a contest to win $3,000 from the Animal Rescue Site! Our program is called "Gray Muzzle Boxers are Awesome!" You can vote here once a day until September 16th. We're finally in first place, but it's really close and our lead keeps slipping. Please help us win! Vote every day you can, and please share this link with anyone else who might help us out!


  1. We voted again! We love baby austin. He's so so precious.

  2. Baby Austin is growing up so quickly into a handsome teenager.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  3. Yay your ahead...voted again!! Baby Austin is adorable!!
    stella rose

  4. Hang in there! We voted again! We need the remind everyday!

  5. Happy Burthday baby. Adorable!
    Ben y & Lily

  6. We just voted! I think we should get to vote for you twice, since it's me AND Zimmie. Just my personal opinion.
    Austin, you look cuter every time we see you! Almost as cute as Cinderella. Woooo....

  7. He sure is cute! Having a puppy at our house, we know exactly how fast they grow up -- too fast!


    P.S. That's the human opinion! Some of the rest of us could do without puppy shenanigans!

  8. OMD I have been voting and am so happy you are in first place. I will vote and vote and vote!!

    Loveys Sasha