Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Dog of the Day: Zia

It's Friday, and that means it's time for another Dog of the Day!  Legacy Boxer Rescue has 80-100 dogs available for adoption at any given time, and it's our goal to find furever homes for ALL of them. There's a whole page where you can look at all the currently available dogs, read their bios, and see cute pictures and video.

But today's post is about one dog in particular. I'd like for everyone to say hello to ZIA!

"Hi there! It's so nice to meet everyone."

Zia is one doggy that Momma and I can't believe has stayed with LBR longer than two days, because she's just PAWFECT! Momma meets her at Pet Fairs all the time and brings me back lots of smell mail, so I know how much Zia wants to find her very own furever home. She's about 6 years old, which means a lot of adopters look right past her, but boy is that their loss! 

"I'm more than just a pretty face!"

Zia just loves people. She meets people at the door with her whole body wriggling. She just loves to go for walkies or rides in the car. (I'm with you there, Zia! Maybe we can go for a ride together.) And she loves loves loves kids! She'd like nothing better than to find a furever home with some kids to spoil and play with.

"Oh boy, playtime!"

Miss Zia gets along with other dogs, but she'd be happy to be an only dog and be your spoiled little princess too! She knows how to mind her manners. She doesn't like her crate very much because she'd rather be out with people -- whether the whole family, guests, or just hanging out with her own special buddy. But she does really well when she's left out and doesn't bother things at all at her foster home.

"I'll be your best friend furever."

 Zia got her name because it means "splendor" or "light", and she brings light and joy to her foster home all the time.  She'd love the chance to share that light with you. Just visit her bio page and fill out an application today!

"Furever home? Are you out there? I'm waiting!"

PeeS: I hope this post is as good of luck as my last one! Last Friday I talked about my buddy Denmark, who was looking for a furever home. Well guess what? He found one!!! He met his new daddy this week, and he'll be going to his new home in just a few days!


  1. Oh hers is just beautiful and I loves her name! Her is definately gonna light up somebuddy's life...and I hope it real soon!

    My sissy was 8 when her came heres and when mum seened her fur da furst time her cried cuz her knews it would be furevers if evers dat anybuddy would want an older doggie sooooo...hers went and gotted her dat very day.
    Hoomans need to realize what a wonderful thing it is to adopt an older doggie.


  2. What a great post about Zia. I just tweeted about it. Hope it helps. Have a great weekend.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Super post, I'll send the post along to my clients who might know someone in your area. Good luck to Zia.

  4. Oh Casey! That is such a wonderful post! I love Zia and I hope she finds her perfect furever home real soon :)

    Pink :*

  5. Zia is a beautiful Boxer lady. She has such loving eyes surely she'll have a new home soon.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  6. Zia is just beautiful! I cannot imagine how she has been without a forever home so long! We say a prayer that she finds her home really soon!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby

  7. CASEY.... Zia is STUNNING. What a FACE and PAWsonality she has.

    Pee S... I wanted to be sure ... do you want to HOST the Synchronized Peeing fur the Olympics? I have it penciled in... in case you do.

    1. Frankie,I think someone else asked for Synchronized Peeing already! I offered to host Keep Away, if no one else has already!

  8. Oh boy, is Zia a beauty! Paws crossed that she finds her forever home soon!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. Casey my furend... I now have you set up fur HOSTING KEEP AWAY... as you noticed in my post... ERNIE and I are REALLY REALLY GOOD at this EVENT!! BUTT I am expecting some ComPAWtition though. It will be REALLY FUN. I am really hoping that lots of Cats and Turtles and Crabs and Birds and Ferrets will get in too. The more the merrier. THANKS fur Hosting KEEP AWAY.

  10. She is beautiful.

    WOW OH WOW. How many volunteers do you have???