Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Dog of the Day: Contessa

I'm really late with my post today, sorry! Momma forgot to set it for the automatic timer thingy. Siiiiiigh. Good help is so hard to find!

It's Friday, guys and gals, so that means it's time for another DOG OF THE DAY! Fridays are when I feature one of the totally pawsome dogs looking for their furever homes with Legacy Boxer Rescue. This week's dog is the lovely Contessa.

Single fawn female desperately seeking furever home!

Contessa is a beeYOUtiful three-year-old boxer girl. Just look at those beautiful eyes of hers! Yup, that's a girl with a lot of love to give, all right. I can see it.

Nothing like a game of Tug to make you feel at home.

Contessa gets along grreat with other dogs. She likes to play and to snuggle. She can be a little shy at first, but once she opens up she's the best dog in the world! (After yours truly, natch.) She's house-broken and crate-trained too. How can you get any better than a sweet princess like this?

Contessa thinks that summer is fun, but it would be even MORE fun if she had a furever family of her very own to share it with. If you're after some summer lovin', she says she's all yours! Head on over to LBR's website and check out her bio page. Then fill out an application and bring home a Contessa of your very own!


  1. Paw bless her - Contessa is a most fabulous form of fine 4Leg - with that face and those excellent ears, she will find a loving home very soon, would take me longer on that premise - ha ha! Take care, Barnie x

  2. She sounds VERY fun! I hope she finds her forever home real soon.

  3. Contessa is beautiful.

    I hope you help her find a lovely home very soon

    Love and licks, Winnie

  4. Contessa is a beautiful girl. I can see the love in her eyes and my paws are crossed that she finds her forever home soon.

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: Good help is hard to find. My assistant is currently on probation.

  5. I can certainly understand why she was named Contessa. She had that look of ROYALTY about her...

    STILL NO PUPPIES??? I am pacing TRACKS into the Carpet here.

    1. You think YOU'RE pacing! Momma and I are checking the emails from the foster homes CONSTANTLY!

  6. She sure is a beauty! We're hoping she finds her forever home soon.


  7. She's so beautiful...loves other dogs AND likes to snuggle? Really, she's Mrs. Master's perfect dog. She sometimes says maybe she should have found a boxer. HOWEVER, we all know I'm her number one. Right?