Friday, February 24, 2012

A very good dog.

I want to tell all of you about a wonderful dog. His name is Spruce, and he's one of the best dogs I know.

He's a wonderful big brother, both to his fur and skin brothers.

And he's about as charming as they come.

He's curious and investigative.

And he enjoys every minute of life!

The busy ones and the quiet. :)

He works hard as a babysitter.

And as a model.

He loves his family.

And most of all, he loves his mom.

Today Spruce's mom had to make the hardest decision any mom ever does. See, Spruce has been sick lately with an autoimmune disorder. They tried to find something that would help, but he just hasn't been the same guy anymore. Spruce's mom was very selfless, and instead of thinking about all the time she still wanted and needed with her baby, she only thought of what was best for him. She didn't want him to keep suffering, so today they're helping him to the Rainbow Bridge.

Everyone at LBR is devastated, because Spruce and his family are very active volunteers. His antics and how loving he is with his brothers have made us laugh and cry and say "awwwww" a whole bunch. He's only two years old, and we thought we would have him so much longer.

So this post isn't about a death. It's about a life. A wonderful life that, even though it was far too short, touched so many people.

He was a good dog. That's about the highest compliment I can give. Godspeed, Spruce. We're sure going to miss you!


  1. Oh Casey Mom and I are so very sorry to read about Spruce. What a beautiful pup he is...those horrible auto immune disease are very hard to treat. God bless his mom for loving him so much.
    We are sorry for your loss of a friend and their loss of a devoted pup.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  2. Hweres I was laughin' and ooohin' and ahhhhin' at all da fotos and sayin' what an awesome dog Spruce is...likes I already knew him or sumptin. Then I gots to da bottom and just bouts cried. My heart is so incredibly heavy fur Spruce and his lovin', adorin' family. Let them know we is thinkin' of them.
    Rest peacefully sweet Spruce.


  3. OH NO!! What a lovely pup! So very sad. He was a superb dog.

    Mamma Heartbeat

  4. We were like Puddles and so happy about we have tears. We're so very sorry for his family. What a difficult decision to make.


  5. Thank you Casey for sharing the fun stuff of Spruce's sweet life. He will always be a part of the LBR family and we will never forget him. We've been so sad about him and have cried so much, and it was nice to smile for a little bit while we remembered these pictures. Maggie Mae and Mulligan send their sweetest boxer kisses to his family. Godspeed sweet Spruce. Look for Gus-Gus, Katie, and our precious Bosco at the bridge. You can't miss them ~ they'll be the ones doing boxer burns and zoomies all over the place.

  6. "So this post isn't about a death. It's about a life. A wonderful life that, even though it was far too short, touched so many people." Beautiful!

  7. I don't know what I'd do if put in this situation with either of my 2 boxer boys. I've cried and cried for spruce and his family tonight. I literally soaked my pillow with tears. I pray that yall find the strength to heal through this difficult time. God Bless. Rip Spruce.