Sunday, February 19, 2012

More smell mail time!

Today was another pet fair for Legacy Boxer Rescue, and you know what that means! More smell mail!! Mom brought me lots of good stuff today.

Ooh, here's Saber. He's a handsome guy, even if he was so excited he wouldn't look at Mom's camera.

Ooh, and Mr. Freeze! I don't think I've sniffed him before. What a handsome guy he is.

Aww, there's my sweet buddy Zia. I hope you find your furever home soon, you deserve it!

Modena is absolutely beautiful, isn't she? I just love the brindle furs. (Like my beautiful Valentine Mayzie. ;))

This is the sweetest girl in the whole pet fair, Marshmallow. She had everyone eating out of her cute little paws.

Little Missy, I love you so much. You always look so happy!

Apparently Higgins did NOT like having the flashy beast in his face.

Pretty girl Pink, modeling for dog food ads.

Atta boy, Asa-Boy! You're going to knock 'em dead with that gorgeous coloring.

Aww, there's pretty Arietty and her pretty smile!

Miss Aideen was much more relaxed at this pet fair. She was scared at the last one, but she's finally starting to realize that all the scary people won't eat her.

Ah, and finally Geez Louise! She definitely looks alert. I wonder why...

Ah-hah! She had to protect us from a sneaky invade. Smart Geezy, you know that only kisses can defeat the monster!

That was fun, Mom! Let's do it again!

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  1. OMC/OMD Casey what a fantastic weekend and so many pretty/handsome Boxers. Mom and I just loved the name Marshmallow and Saber.
    Hugs from your BFFF,