Sunday, February 12, 2012

Smell mail from Pet Fair!

I'm a little late in sharing smell mail from Pet Fair yesterday, but we were all worried about Tessa. (Plus I was getting all spiffed up for my hot date on Tuesday! Shh!) So here are some pictures of the wonderful dogs of LBR. Oh, and Maggie Mae, please get your momma ready, because we have an extra-special surprise for you two at the end.

Oooh, we get to start out with Oreo! He's so very handsome and sweet. Did he give you lots of kisses, Mom? You smell kind of slobbery.

Poor Aideen sure smells scared. This was her first pet fair, and I bet it was really intimidating for her. I'm glad you say she calmed down by the end. She's too pretty to be scared!

Aww, what a big handsome goofball! I bet Mom loved sitting and snuggling with this guy. He reminds me a little of my foster brother Pumba, except for the part about trying to eat me.

Ohh, what a pretty smooshy-faced girl! I just love Adalaide. I can't believe she hasn't been snatched up already.

Speaking of someone I can't believe is still around! Little Missy is the sweetest, wiggliest, most lovable little girl you'll ever meet. She's going to make some furever family very happy.

Sweet Zia is such an adorable little snugglebug. She loves her foster daddy!

My, Arietty had such a serious face! But Mom says she was playful and snuggly when there wasn't a flashy beast in her face. She's a pretty little girl.

Shotzy didn't like having the flashy beast in her face either. But I really like her -- she has such neat colored fur! You don't see that shade a lot in boxers.

Oh, handsome Lucca! He's been through so much lately, so he looks a little like a pincushion. He has stitches on his back that look like a football! But he's healed so much already, and he'll be even better soon.

My mom is so proud of this picture! Geez Louise is such a beeeeee-you-tiful girl, and this picture captures her fun personality. Someone's going to be very lucky to get her in their life.

This is one of my momma's favorite dogs -- Zsa Zsa! She didn't really like Pet Fair, with all the dogs and people and scary scents, but Mom loved laying with her and petting her. What a sweet girl.

Another favorite! Sweet Pink just loves sitting in Mom's chair during Pet Fair. And look at that sweet, inquisitive face!

Antonio Romo wasn't sure what to think of all the people smooching over him, but he took it very well.

Okay, Maggie Mae, this is the extra-special surprise I was talking about! Are you ready?

Are you sure you're ready?

Is your momma ready too??



Okay, Maggie Mae, this is for you.

And this is for your momma. Marilyn Monroe says hi!


  1. Yes, we'll take all of them. Do you deliver?



  2. oh my goodness. Wish we could take every buddy home
    Benny & Lily

  3. Hi Casey...OMC your Mom must have smelled most yummy when she arrived home yesterday. I hope you didn't stay up too late reading all your smell mail. Each and every puppy is precious.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  4. OH, I LUVS when you share your smell mail with us! They are all so Most Adorable! It's awfully nice of you to share your mom with those doggies who don't have their Most Perfect Homes That Ever Were - yet!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. I'm SO happy that Tess is okay!

    PeePeeS. I can't wait until our date tomorrow! I have my outfit all picked out. I hope you like it!

    1. You will look beeeee-YOU-tiful no matter what you're wearing!

  5. SQUEEEEE!!! Marilyn Monroe looks so beOOtiful!! We thanks you fur our MM fix today, what a nice surprise!
    Puleeze tell her hi and give her extra hugs and kisses from us. Give all of dems hugs and kisses from us!

    Can't wait fur tomorrow, we is pickin' you and Mayzie up in da limo!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max