Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet Iggy

This sweet little boy came to the shelter with hardly any hair.  He is very skinny, and only 8 months old.  He's had such a hard life for such a young boy.

One of our wonderful volunteers, Judy, took him in after just losing her sweet boy, Smokey.  This is Smokey.

Iggy spoke to Judy's heart, though, and she decided she had to help this sad, scared little boy.

Iggy has demodectic mange, which can be treated with a little medication.  He is on his way to a new and better life now.

He will grow back a beautiful coat in no time, and will be ready to start looking for his forever home!


  1. Poor Iggy! It is NO fun at all having all of your fur gone. But he'll get healed up soon enough and learn what life's supposed to be like! Welcome to the family, Iggy!

  2. Awwwww my boxer pup has demodectic mange also... :( So sad!