Friday, March 12, 2010

Heartworms are Stupid

For those of you that don't live in an area that has to worry about heartworms I say ppbbsstt. Oh wait you guys have to deal with snow, lots of snow. Since my mom gives me heartworm preventive every month I don't really have to worry about heartworms and I don't really like the snow. So nevermind you just keep your lots of cold snow!

On a serious note, 70-75% of the boxers that Legacy takes in test positive for heartworms. Even I had heartworms when I came to Legacy, can you believe that? Heartworm treatment sucks, I mean really really sucks. It hurt...BAD, and the worst part? I had to be kept quiet and calm for 4 weeks. Mom says it's really expensive too a whole lot more expensive than taking a little pill every month.

So you go tell your parents that they better be giving you heartworm preventive every month! If they already are you should give them a treat, chicken jerky is good.

Maggie's mom here-if you haven't been giving your dog heartworm preventive then you'll need to get a heartworm test from your vet. It's a quick and easy blood test. Once you've done that then go see They sell a great heartworm product that all 3 of my dogs have been on for almost 2 years now and No heartworms! Tell them that Maggie with Legacy Boxer Rescue sent you!

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