Monday, March 15, 2010

Pet Fair Pups

Legacy had another pet fair this weekend and once again I wasn't allowed to go. I'm sure it's because my mom would be heartbroken if I got adopted. Yep that must it!

This is Zinnia. Just one of the many pretty girls available for adoption. Someone should really give her a cookie for being such a good girl.

And this is Secret. Such a wistful look on her face, must be a cookie over there.

This is my bratty foster sister, Molly. Mom said she was on her best behavior. I don't believe it for a minute!

Look at Elliot and Keebler, such handsome boys. Elliot even found his forever home this weekend! He's a lucky boy.

Last but not least is Apache (swoon!). I told mom he needs to come stay with us! He has a great face and really needs a cookie.
That's all for now, all this posting has made me hungry. I deserve a cookie!!

1 comment:

  1. Pet fair looks like so much fun! My mom will never let me go, but she takes my foster siblings! Hrmph.