Thursday, January 28, 2010


This is my friend Whisper. She's an LBR foster dog being fostered by Sally. Not only is Sally an awesome foster mom but she thinks I'm pretty awesome too and she has her own personal boxer named Diabla who's a very pretty brindle just like me!

When Whisper came into LBR's care she was so malnourished she could barely walk. It was very sad and I felt bad for her.

But look at Whisper now! She's gained weight and feels sooo much better. She even plays now! That's a big improvement from where she was. Good job Sally and LBR, keep it up!

If you'd like to help LBR help more dogs like Whisper then go vote!


  1. LBR can help ANY dog. I was in pretty awful shape when they found me too. They're the best!

  2. Wow! Look at you Whisper! Aunt Kathy loves you so much and I'm SO happy you're feeling better. You look beautiful :)