Monday, January 18, 2010

Introducing ME!

Hi everyone!

My name is Cubby - I am the handsome boxer, and the black mutt that I am using as a pillow is my sister, Dakota.

I was adopted from Legacy Boxer Rescue in June of 2005.  Shortly after that, I made my moms start volunteering to save boxers - big mistake.  They tried bringing home other dogs for fostering, but I put a quick stop to that.  Now, we do other types of work for Legacy.

Unfortunately, that means sometimes they leave me alone to go to meetings, visit potential adopters, or go to adoption fairs or fundraising events.  Sometimes, I get to go meet the potential adopters, too.  I love that, especially when they have little children who I can lick.

Now it seems they are putting me to work on this blog.  It's a hard life, paying back the people who pulled me out of the shelter and saved my life, but it's worth it to save more boxers (as long as they don't come live with me)!


  1. Wow, now I have two blogs to follow you at! Way to get the word out.

    Don't forget to tell people to vote for Sharon!