Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hi! I'm Rissa!

I'm Rissa aka The Princess aka Bossy Boots. My parents came up with Bossy Boots. Just because when I want something I insist on letting them know and I expect them to get it immediately. I don't think they understand that a Princess should have her every demand answered asap! Their human what can you do?

I live with my brother Buster Brown and my sister Maggie. I don't like my sister very much but that's a post for another day. I love my big brother though even if he is old and grumpy sometimes.

My parents adopted me from Legacy, I was their 18th foster. This newest girl Molly is a P.A.I.N! When she first got here she didn't have any manners at all and was always annoying me. Thank goodness she and Maggie get along because now both of them leave me alone. My very favorite thing about being a part of Legacy is when puppies come to get vaccinated. I LOVE puppies and wish they'd visit more often!

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  1. Hi, Rissa, I've heard all about you from your mom! Those silly humans can be slow about meeting our demands sometimes, but we love them anyway. They're just so cute, aren't they?