Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pet Fair Fun!

Yesterday Legacy had an adoption fair at the Petco in Hurst.  I wasn't allowed to go for some reason, but I hear that everyone had a great time, and there were over 20 boxers there!

Here are a couple of lap dogs and their chairs.  On the right is Aphrodite and her foster mom, Angela.  On the left is Gracie and Leslie, who was boxer-sitting.


Here's a close-up of pretty Gracie.  Gracie is a wonderful boxer, who loves to perch on the back of the couch like a cat!

Here is Paulie.  He is an older gentleman like me, and he is very happy in his foster home.

If you come out to pet fair, you can meet lots of boxers and volunteers.  Expect a little barking though.  We boxers like to talk, you know.

This is Marnie - she is a very pretty girl.

This is Button, sticking his tongue out at you, with his foster mom, Mel.  That boy always has his tongue sticking out!

In the green shirts are Jason and KC.  They have more lap dogs.  You probably didn't know that boxers are lap dogs, but we definitely are.  These boxers are Hopper and Buster Blue.  Hopper barely had any hair when KC and Jason agreed to take him in, but look at him now!

Pet fair is fun, but very exhausting.  I can testify to that from experience, but I can also show you.  Here are Hopper and Buster Blue on the way home.  Lights out!

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  1. All boxers are lap dogs! It's a simple fact of nature.