Sunday, January 17, 2010

The things we put up with

Finally! We get to show the world what we have to put up with. I'm Maggie and my parents have been fostering for Legacy for 5 years now. That's 5 years of rotating dogs and sharing my stuff. You'd think after fostering and falling for me (I was their 2nd foster) they would have quit while they were ahead. Apparently not. Look at what I have to endure.

That's MY monkey, may it RIP.

That's MY bed!

That's Molly our current foster. She's just a kid and thinks everything I have, she needs too. She's lucky I'm so patient.


  1. w00fs, nice to meet u thinks me wood love a friend to play with...Bear my brudder not likes me to much..

    b safe,

  2. Hi, Maggie! I'm a Legacy dog too. I'm glad we've finally got our own blog to show the world how awesome we are!