Saturday, June 11, 2016

BAR day one!

OMD, I was so tired last night I could barely dictate to Momma so she could put this post together. We had a grreat day at the BAR. It was so exciting seeing everyone in the furs for the furst time. We could barely stay still from excitement. Most of us hung out in our "leisure centers" to get used to things.

Murphy & Stanley called it a leisure center. I still prefer "super cool fort." 

Momma took Jessie on me on a REAL hike like she's been pawmising. She said something about letting us working out our excess energy. Whatever. I got to explore the WILDERNESS!

 Eventually we doggies got used to each other enough that we were able to all hang out pretty peacefully. Except when hikers mass murderers tried to infiltrate our pavilion and we had to scare them away, of course. A good guard dog is never off-duty!

 Jessie and Stanley played it cool while they knew I was watching. In fact, Stanley tried to tell me to mind my own business early on, and Jessie yelled at him for talking to me that way. Like they thought it would throw me off the scent! Whatever. Jessie tried to play it cool later.

"Is he watching me?"

 "Oh yeah, he's watching me."

 We pretty much just hung out to get to know each other, in preparation for all our fun tomorrow!

Frankie and Ernie showed up pretty late. We left not long after, but furst Jessie gave Lori (aka one of the Hands) a good boxer face wash!

We were pretty worn out after that, though! We went back to the hotel room and pretty much collapsed.

PeeS: I don't want to alarm anyone, but Momma would like a little PotP for me. I haven't been eating well for a while -- I'll not eat for a meal or two, then eat fine. Then a few days later, I don't want to eat again. Momma thought my arthritis was acting up and making me not that hungry. The dogtor gave me some anti-inflammatories that she hopes will help, but it's not helping much so far. I didn't eat breakfast yesterday, and it took a while before I was interested in my dinner. So hopefully I'll be feeling better soon, but you know how mommas worry! So send a little PotP to ease her mind, okay?


  1. We're keeping you in our prayers. I'm so happy you all got to meet in the furs! Mom had a great birthday paw-ty for her Dad, and some neighbors from when Mom was a kid came and surprised him and he was so happy to see them again. She'll be home soon. Yay!

    Abby Lab

  2. I saw you at FB with the cutest lap dog ever, right Jessie? I'm glad F&E are there now too... have a super time together!

  3. prayers going up now for you, thank momma for all the photos of all the pups and people for those of us not there...

  4. That sure looks like a grand time for all. We so wish we could have been there too.

    Casey, we are sending you lots of POTP, we hope you are just having a tough tummy time and will be all better soon. Maybe something a little different on top of your kibble would entice your appetite a bit. Feel better, pal. And Ciara sends a little smoochie to add some extra help.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. Glad you are having fun at BAR. Sending lots of pawyers you start eating better!!

    Matt & Matilda

  6. Ohhh no Casey. We wonder if perhaps it is the heat....
    I hope and purr you are feeling better tomorrow. Sweet boy we will say lots of purrs tonight. Mom told me you are a most handsome boy...
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  7. I'm glad that you're having so much fun at BAR. Sending POTP - feel better (and hungry) soon!

  8. We've been following along via Mom's FB account! It all looks like such fun!
    PS: We have been praying for you, Casey!!!!

  9. We hope you feel tons better when you get home's the pits when you feel icky on vacation! We are sending POTP for feeling betters and safe travels home!
    Dory & Arty

    PeeEss...from Dory to Jessie..he is TOTALLY checking you out!!