Sunday, June 12, 2016

BAR, Day 2! Friendship and Romance

Continuing on in our coverage of the BAR! Day 2 -- Saturday -- was our only full day with everybody there. We had the Doodz, Frankie & Ernie, Dory & Arty, Whitney & Zoe, the Crabby Girls, Stella Rose, Jester, Hailey & Zaphod, Oreo... oh dawg, there were just SO many folks there!!

Jessie trying to get in good with her future in-laws! That's Stanley's daddy 

We had a surprise pawty for Carol, the Doodz's momma. She was so surprised!

But, uh, Jessie and I got a little bored from all the present opening. So Momma took us hiking afterwards. Not showing the pictures now but we got some Pawlympics training in!

 Afterwards, it was time for the Friendship part of the festivities. We had a very sweet Remembrance Ceremony for all our angels, then posed for all sorts of pictures!

Me and Stella Rose. She was one of my very furst blogging buddies. It was so nice to see her in the furs! 

Meeting Frankie and Ernie. Jessie and Ernie didn't like each other very much, but Frankie and I chilled. 

A model convention. Dory and I didn't know where to look -- both our mommas were taking pictures with cookies! 

This was funny. The Doodz's daddy moved their leisure center to a shadier spot. But he did it with everyone still inside! Stanley kept saying, "I don't think this is how it's supposed to work, Daddy!"

 Here's our fancy group shot! We took a whole bunch of different ones. Jessie was in some of the shots, then We traded out and I was in a few. We're a good-looking group, aren't we?

 Then the romance section! Jessie and Stanley had a little private time together. See how smug Jessie looks in this first one? She snuck a little kiss on Stanley just before Momma got her camera going!

I was happy to see my sweet Flat Ciara, even if her brother was watching me!

I can't believe there's only one day left! We have to start heading home and back to our ordinary lives tomorrow. It's been grreat meeting all our furiends in the furs!!


  1. That was epic! So glad so many of you got together and had so much fun. Thanks fur sharing the photos and a really BIG THANK YOU for the shout out on the Facebook video during the friendship ceremony. So glad the dogtors"expertise" wasnt needed at the BAR.

  2. Thanks for sharing all the photos of all the fun. That was funny seeing the Doodz get moved while still inside their resting spot:)

    Lightning will always keep his eye on anyone who has their eye on his sister, but he wholeheartedly approves of you, Casey (as does Ciara:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. How COOL! Yeah, we would have had to go on some long walks, too. We don't really excel at just chilling out.
    We LOVE those group shots!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. What is it about Mamas expecting so much out of we supermodels, Casey???

    And again Jessie, that Stanley is TOTALLY into you!!

  5. Safe travels home!!!
    Mr Bailey, hazel & MaBEL

  6. what a great idea to move the kennel with the pups... well done daddy of the doodz :O)it was so great to see you all via video and photos... I wish this weekend would never end... it was tooooo good!

  7. We will always cherish the picture of Casey and Stella Rose together. MOm

  8. It looks as if everyone had a wonderful time.