Friday, July 27, 2012

The Legacy Olympics

It's TIME! The Olympics are starting! You guys all know how proud I am to be part of a totally PAWSOME group like Legacy Boxer Rescue. It's because of them that I'm the handsome, happy guy you all know and love. They saved my life, plus hundreds of other boxers. This year we're planning a super-fun Facebook event to coincide with the Olympics. We're going to be hosting an array of boxer-themed Olympic events like mouth jousting, boxer burns, and of course BOXING! Every day during the Olympics, LBR will share an album with pictures of LBR alums (and other boxers) competing in the day's event. The picture with the most LIKES by the end of the day will win the gold!  There are pawsome prizes for gold, silver, and bronze in each event.

In addition, LBR will be asking for donations for three very special future Olympians.


This beauty came to us with a badly broken front leg after being thrown, or having jumped, from a 30' Bridge in Fort Worth. She had her surgery to repair her leg on Thursday, July 26th and is recovering nicely. Estimated cost $3,000.00. In addition, Brielle has some Mast Cell Tumors to be removed and she is also Heartworm positive. Basically, she's a little train wreck that we will whip into Olympian shape in no time at all. 


Melody was just diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament and will have her surgery on Monday, August 6th to repair it. Estimated cost is $2,000.00.


Napoli has hydrocephalus and will be seeing a neurosurgeon next Wednesday to discuss treatment. To diagnose and fix the issue (using a shunt), the estimated cost is in excess of $7,000.00. Please help us give Napoli the chance she deserves to become an Olympian too! She's a fighter this one, so if we can raise the funds, we can FIX THIS!

We will have a ChipIn on Facebook (by Friday night), or you can donate as always through via Paypal or Credit Card. We can send you our mailing address if needed for donations by check/mail.

Our goals for fundraising will be:

GOLD: $15,000.00 raised in 17 days.

SILVER: $10,000.00 raised in 17 days.

BRONZE: $5,000.00 raised in 17 days.


Edit: Here's the link to our ChipIn for this event! Just $5 or even $1 from everyone can help us reach our goal!

And the BLOGVILLE Olympics are also starting today!! My event isn't until August 4th, but you can go check Mayor Frankie's blog every day to see the day's events!


  1. OH MY! We are so glad you're committed to helping those pups!


  2. I REALLY wish I did the Facebook thingy.
    Is there a CHIP IN thingy Somewhere fur people to use?

  3. Yes, it will be up by tonight! I'll share the link as soon as it's up. And Auntie Sharon, who runs our FB, says the albums will be public so you don't have to have a FB account to see all the pawsome pictures!

  4. Oh geez, them poor little babies! Wells, they not babies but you knows what I mean. They is destined to be Olympians cuz they is fighters and they will gets through it.

    I hopes your mom busted your eardrums from my puppy fotos since ya'll always do it to me...hehehehe.


  5. Aw, those precious pooches! Glad they're in the saftey of your hands!

  6. We have all our paws crossed that you win all the money medals you can to help the babies mentioned!

    the critters in the cottage xo