Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lots and lots of smell mail!

Oooh, Momma brought me home SO much smell mail yesterday! It was very exciting. LBR had a Pet Fair yesterday, where lots of LBR foster dogs came to meet their adoring public. Momma went to help out, and she got lots of smell mail for me to share with all of you. Meet the dogs of LBR!

Handsome Beazer

I love Collette's crazy eyes! She was having fun playing.

Diego has a cute pouty face.

Duke was really excited to meet Momma, and she loved meeting him too! He gave her lots of kisses.

Pretty Miss Laila was there with her brother Boomer.
Kashi was a sweet, handsome boy!

Isn't Izzie's tongue just about the cutest thing you've ever seen??

Melody has the boxer head-tilt worked out perfectly.

Momma spent lots and lots of time loving on pretty little Mia here. She looks SO much like my Aunt Nina, Grandma's dog who passed away.

This is Springsteen, who was about as popular as his namesake. He had so many people loving on him, you could barely see him all pet fair!

Springsteen and Collette decided to wrestle with each other. They're BFFs now!

Miss Zia is one of my good furiends. She needs to get a furever home real soon!

Henry says, "Bye, Casey, I hope you liked your messages!"

The very very very BEST part of pet fair, though, came from the phone call Momma got in the middle of it. It was the V-E-T calling, letting her know that the test results came back on Cinderella's lump . . . and it was BENIGN!!! YAY!!!!!!!!  Power of the Paw works again!

PeeS: You can read all about LBR's pawsome dogs -- including yours truly! -- on our brand-new e-book, "A Legacy of Love: How I Became a Forever Dog." You can buy the Kindle-version from here, or if you have a Nook, you can get it at Barnes & Noble here. It's only $7.50 for 135 pages of boxer-y goodness!


  1. what a bunch of handsome pups
    Benny & Lily

  2. Love this :) Well done Casey ;)

  3. Hip hip hooray for the great news!!!

    Such a great group of pups. Mom got hung up on all the cuteness of Diego.

    Woos - The OP Pack

  4. Diego and Izzy just CRACK ME UP. THOSE FACES... they will not be lookin fur a home fur long... NOT with those darling faces!!

  5. Yeah, we are happy to hear the good news! BENIGN is the best word to hear from a vet. I wish I could adopt one of your friends and bring him/her home too. They look so sweet.

    I'll be back,

  6. That is great news from the vet! We love Boxers. They are always so happy!


    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  8. Benign! Benign! Benign!!! That is SO FANTASTIC!!!! We are so happy! Please give your sister a slurp on the nose for us, OK?!?!
    All of those Boxer buddies are just adorable! I think I like Izzie's tongue the best - that's how mine is, too. Ha wooo.
    I hope everyone finds a wonderful forever home!

  9. What a bunch of cuties! Deccy x

  10. So many good looking dogs, so little time! Great to see so many 'smiles' too - paw, bless. Love Barnie x