Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Dog of the Day: Apple Jacks

It's Friday, which means it's time (belatedly) for a DOG OF THE DAY! Every Friday I spotlight one of the pawsome dogs available for adoption from Legacy Boxer Rescue.

This week, we're saying hello to Apple Jacks!


....Wait, wrong picture. Sorry, sorry, let me try again!

...All right, we've got four legs that time, but I think that nose is a little long for a boxer. Hang on...

Ah-hah!! There we got, the most handsome Apple Jacks of all. Look at that big gorgeous face!  Apple Jacks is a 5-year-old male boxer with a great big heart. He loves absolutely everybody. He has three little dogs at his foster home, and he's very sweet and patient with them. (Some of us bigger dogs aren't sure what to make of little yapping ones, but not AJ!) He also has two big fluffy kitties at his foster home, and guess what?? He likes them too! He really is an all-around great guy.

Apple Jacks's two favorite things to do in the world are play with stuffies and sleep on sooooooft cushy beds. I can't blame him for that! His foster momma thinks he didn't have a chance to do that before so he's indulging now. He picked up housebreaking like a champ, but he doesn't like crate-training at all. His foster parents have been working on it, but he is very afraid of being on his own. He'd love to find a home where someone is home most of the time or where he'd get to go to doggy daycare during the day so he's not on his own. He just loves his people and wants to be with them all the time. Who can blame him for that??

Apple Jacks hopes his perfect home is out there looking for him right now. Take a look at his bio page and see if maybe you want an Apple Jacks of your own!

Also, don't forget the Blogville Olympics are coming up!!

I'm hosting the KEEP AWAY! event on August 4th. I will begin accepting your pictures on JULY 9th. You can send them to me at dreagoddess(at)gmail(dot)com. The deadline for pictures is MIDNIGHT on JULY 18th. (All times are US Central Time.) Please put "Keep Away" in your subject line so I'll be able to find your pics right away! And don't forget to give me your name and the name of anyone else in your pic. You can enter ONE picture per animal. If there's more than one of you in your household, you can enter all in one picture or one picture for each of you, your choice!

Also, there's one programming change! My good furiends Doxies With Moxie won't be able to host their events. So Catch Me If You Can is cancelled. But my buddy Corbin has graciously agreed to take over their event Cross-Neighborhood Walkabout. So visit Corbin for event rules and address to send your pics to!

And here's a message from the Blogville Olympics Committee:
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  1. Oh my goodness wish we could take every buddy home
    Benny & Lily

  2. Apple Jacks is a very handsome guy. I'll bet that he is in a furever home... very soon.

  3. Thanks SO much for featuring him! He's an awesome boy, and he just told me this morning that he can't wait to meet his forever family...

  4. Apple Jacks is one handsome guy! I hope he finds the right home soon!


  5. There ought to be a queue of hopeful families who have fallen for AJ's dashingly good lucks and charm! I can picture him settled in his new home, stuff toy in paw, happy and content bless him! x

  6. Apple JACS is a great name for a beautiful boxer. Mom told me my human sissy loved apple jacks when she was a wee lass!! You brought back sweet memories

  7. Ps hugs from your BFFF
    Madi MOL mom hit send too quickly