Sunday, March 6, 2011

We have PUPPIES!!

Okay, let me make one thing clear first. LBR absolutely 100% supports spaying and neutering. Like any rescue, we immediately spay or neuter all of the dogs that come into our care, and we would never breed rescue dogs.

But... sometimes a poor unspayed boxer gal winds up out on her own and the expected happens. When we rescue a pregnant mama from a shelter, what else can we do but help her have an easy delivery and healthy, happy pups?

So this is Sushi. LBR pulled her from a shelter about two weeks ago. We thought we were going to have a little more time to prepare for her pups, but Sushi didn't want to wait! Last night, she decided it was the right time to bring her babies into the world.

Aren't they adorable?? LBR likes to give our litters names related to their mama's name, so this set is called the Wasabis. We ended up with three live puppies, and two that sadly went to the Rainbow Bridge early. (Did you know that breeding white boxers is a bad idea because they carry a lot of recessive genes that can mean lots of different genetic illnesses and problems?)

Here's baby Maki having some breakfast. I can't wait until he's big enough to play. I LOVE playing with puppies!

Doesn't Miss Sushi look proud? And boy, should she!

These are some of the cutest puppies I've ever seen! From left to right, we have Tuna Roll (f), Sake (m), and Maki (m)!

Take good care of your babies, Sushi. LBR will make sure they have wonderful lives ahead of them!

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  1. OoH how wunderful! Welcome Tuna Roll, Sake and Maki!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae