Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy anniversary, LBR!!

Happy anniversay to you!

Happy anniversary to yooou!

Happy anniversary, LBR!!

Happy anniversary to yooooooooooou!!!

Wow, it's a shame y'all can't hear me over the internet, because I'm a great singer. Especially when I howl that last note. :D

Anyway, today is a VERY special day. Seven years ago today, Legacy Boxer Rescue was started. Can you believe it? Seven years of saving amazing boxers like me, my sister Cinderella, and over 1700 other boxers. 1700!!! That's a whole bunch of wagging nubbies.

I was going to spend this post telling you about some of the success stories in LBR's history, but then today a story came up that made me want to tell you about the success stories of LBR's present and future.

Meet Mator!

This is Mator in the shelter, when we just called him BIN 11113. He's 10 years old and got sprayed by a skunk. His owner surrendered him because he was "too much trouble." Hah! All he needed was a good bath in tomato juice -- hence the name! -- to feel (and smell) all better.

But here's the success story. Mator's shelter was packed beyond full. Because owner-surrenders are the first to go when they need to make room (shelters don't have to hold them for a certain time like strays), he usually would've been walked straight to the euthanization room. :( But Mator had something very special on his side. He's a boxer! And his shelter knows that LBR will do everything in its power to help a boxer, no matter what age or condition they're in.

So because of the reputation LBR's hard-working volunteers built up over the last 7 years, Mator got to walk out the front door of his shelter and straight into his forever home!! Just like 1700 boxers before him, and many many many more after him!

So from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU to Auntie Sharon, Auntie Lori, and Auntie Brandi, the amazing and wonderful volunteers who founded LBR 7 years ago. We all love you so much, and we're so grateful for what you started! Slobbery boxer kisses to all of you!

PS -- Want to give LBR a great birthday gift? Go to to donate. Any amount will help! If everyone gives just $7 for LBR's 7th anniversary, that adds up to a WHOLE bunch of kibble and vet care for LBR dogs.