Friday, April 4, 2014

A present for my girl!

I have a special present for my girl, Maggie Mae. Ready? These are JUST for you...

LBR foster Bess 

"Did you even know it was possible for one pup to be this cute?" 

Bess is only 7 weeks old. Her neighbor noticed her limping and convinced her old owner to surrender her. LBR took our to the dogtor, and we found she has a broken leg! But don't worry, the cast isn't slowing her down much!

She even got to meet another LBR dog, LBR foster Halo!

 "Don't worry, kid, I'll show you the ropes."

"Maggie Mae? Casey told me how much you loves puppy pictures, so I posed JUST fur you. I even wore my extra-pretty necklace. I hope you likes your present!"


  1. she is so beautiful and cute and sweet and made my eyes tear up with that cast on her leg. Halo is so beautiful to.. God bless these two pups

  2. Oh my God, that face made my day
    Lily & Edward

  3. OH MY cats and boxers....that is the sweetest face ever. Hey and she has freckles on her nose like me maybe we are distantly related
    Hugs madi our bfff

  4. HOLY GWALK A MOLEY..... SO DARNED CUTE !!! Maggie Mae will love this fur SURE.

  5. What a cutie patootie! Absolutely adorable! So glad her original person cared enough to let her go somewhere where she could be helped and has a chance at finding happiness! It won't be long before someone scoops her up. Keep us posted! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  6. Casey!!!!
    What a most wunderful pressie!! Thank you!! You know dat I (and my mom) LUVS da cutie patootie puppy fotos! Bess you is beOOtiful and I luvs your purty necklace too! You will find your furever home so fast we just know it. :Max and me is gonna send you extra special boxer puppy prayers to help heal your leg too. Make sure you let us know when you gets your new home...'kay?

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  7. Oh my gosh! She is SO cute! I see a princess in the making!


  8. Oh My goodness! What a cutie!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  9. Oh, goodness! She's adorable! And I"m so glad she is where her leg can be taken care of!!!
    Sweet, sweet PUPPY!!!