Monday, November 25, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like -- uh-oh!

The season has felt a little crazy lately. Ever since Howl-o-ween, it's felt like one big downward slide to Christmas. What about Thanksgiving? Where's my turkey? Do  you know what my momma did this weekend, before turkey? (Well, she had a turkey sandwich, but that doesn't count. I didn't get any.) She pulled out the tree and all the boxes from the garage and started decorating for Christmas!

A turkey-deprived face 

Now, I don't mind decorating for Christmas. I curl up in my cozy chair (see above) and watch my pal Kermit and his friends in A Muppet Christmas Carol. We watch it like twice back-to-back while Momma decorates. I'll direct Momma to make sure she gets it right -- you know, "Santa's a little crooked at the top" or "that decoration should go a little lower."

Or "hey smarty-pants, aren't the lights at the bottom supposed to be lit too?"

It's a real bonding experience. I usually get to learn some fun new HBO words while Momma tries to make all the lights light up. Then she'll settle down with some hot chocolate (again none for me!) and we'll cuddle while we watch the end of the movie. A nice holiday tradition, right?


I don't know how she does this to me every year. We finish watching the Muppets, Momma puts up her mug, and then she gets out the treats. "Oh boy," I think, "she's going to make up for that no turkey thing." But then... then... she reaches into one particular bag and... well.

I don't care if it's a tradition, it's a stupid tradition!

I don't know if I can put up with the indignity next year. Even for treats. Oh well, happy howlidays, everybody! Let's start the countdown for Christmas!


  1. You guys look adorable in your christmas outfits!!

  2. so wonderful and beautiful dogs :)

    You are welcome to my blog

  3. We love those pictures of you two!!! WE love turkey also!
    stella rose

  4. You two do look really cute and in the spirit of the howladays!!! Hazel and I did ok this year but poor Bailey! Mom thought his christmas get up was cute, Bailey did not agree.
    Bailey & Hazel too

  5. Hi Casey and Cinderella,
    You do both look very cute in your Christmas adornments, you do not look impressed at all with that Santas hat Casey but Cinderella looks quite happy rockin those reindeer antlers, sadly I have the same tradition with the holiday costumes, both Santa suit and hat and then antlers are thrust upon my puggy head with joy (one-sided joy from Mum who picks up the camera and clicks away happily while I smile a fake smile for a few milky bones!) I do however love helping Mum put up the tree, I sniff every branch that needs to be assembled, I chase each stray bauble as it bounces, I chew on the tinsel and bows and I also learn some interesting HBO words from Mum as she wrestles with the lights and screams at herself for not putting them tidy last year when she put them away, oh and the movies, we love Muppets Christmas Carol, Fred Clause, Elf and any Christmas movie with a dog in it!
    I can not believe that your Momma got turkey and you didn't, you do look unhappy about that and I don't blame you, even though I'm from the UK (Wales) I do celebrate thanksgiving with my family spent too much time in America you see, so I get a whole lot of turkey this time of year! I hope you get some soon! Love and Licks from your Furiend Frank XxxxX

  6. Yep, pure embarrassment we say! our stuff comes out Friday, we just run outside and hide!

    Hope you guys get some of the Thursday turkey
    The Mad scots

  7. We love that christmas photo of u 2. Im sure you will get Some turkey real soon. Oh and its funny u mentioned muppets christmas because today mommys sister said the local library is gonna show that movie to kids on wed night.

  8. Casey, it's once a year let your peep have some fun but she does need to learn to share that turkey sandwich.

    Aroo to you,

  9. Our mom said my little Maggie might learn fewer HBO words if we tone down how much decorating we do this year. Wowzers, can you believe that?!?! I thought she LIKED us to learn stuff!!!
    Play bows,