Monday, April 1, 2013

Morning hunts

Okay, I don't have any pictures of this, because Momma keeps saying something about not having a hand free for the camera. She would have one free if she'd stop interfering, but I digress. You're going to have to use your imagination on this one, but I have a few exhibits to help you.

Exhibit 1: The mighty hunters!

Observe the coiled muscles, ready to pounce. The noses and ears all a-quiver, cataloging every movement around us. The carefully conserved energy until it's time to strike. Oooh, I get all shivery just looking at it.

Exhibit 2: The quarry

Note the beady little eyes looking for mischief, the totally nommable fur, and the little puff tail just ready to be caught! For our story, I shall call him... Bugs.

So here's how it happens. Every single morning, Momma takes Cinderella and me for a walk. We're innocently walking around, taking in the sights and reading the peemail, when we're suddenly attacked!! From out of nowhere, Bugs will come leaping in like some wild kamikaze intent on destruction. Oh sure, it will look like he's just sitting in the grass, but that Bugs is a wily one! We know he and his little friends are out to take over our whole neighborhood with their vile rabbity ways.

So what's a pair of born hunters like ourselves supposed to do when faced with a threat like this? Obviously throw ourselves at him and take care of the threat, barking and snarling, am I right?!?! Back me up here, Blogville!! Because according to Momma -- who I don't think has hunted a darned day in her life, if truth be told -- we're supposed to just walk on by and "let the bunny be!" OH, the horror! The indignity! The frustrated purpose!!!

And Bugs follows us around, taunting us! He'll keep turning up in all sorts of lawns all along our walk, twitching that little tail and laughing his little bunny laugh. Momma tries to say it's a different bunny, but we know the truth. He's the scout for an invading bunny army, and Cinderella and I are the last line of defense! It's getting to the point I may have to sabotage our leashes one morning so we can do our job properly without Momma yelling and yanking us away.

Surely none of my Blogville furiends have to deal with such interference of their sworn duties. Can some of you help me out and try to convince my momma of the truth? Bugs is still out there... waiting.


  1. Bugs is a threat. It is very clear. And the laughing at you.. that is just not right and something must be done. Where there is one there are many. Better find a way to take care of this right a way or they will just keep multiplying.

  2. You know what is really bad casey they actually make little chocolate statues out of him, to pay him honor so of COUrSE your mom doesn't want you to hurt him, "silly humans...."
    stella rose and mags

  3. Casey it is a known fact....anything bushy tailed and furry will taunt you no matter if you are in or outside. I have a tree rat who actually comes up on my porch to MY DOOR with his buck teeth and bushy tail
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  4. Oh that Bugs. What a royal pain in the rear. You will get him. Patience grasshopper. One day Momma will not be looking and you will wrangle free to pounce him.

  5. You guys did the right thing, BOL. What does the camera-less person expect
    Benny & Lily

  6. awww you guys are sooo cute!!!! I love it when you you guys sleep together so cute! Kirby agrees with the little beedy eyes, gets him every time!PS- You guys should check out our giveaway!

  7. We have to admit that Bugs is awfully cute, but we must also fess up - they are quite tasty. Mom says we all need to be reformed.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Chase that bunny! That's what we'd do! If we caught him we might be scared! BOL

  9. Don't hurt the bunny! Don't hurt the ---

    Sorry. That was Zim. GET HIM, you guys! Those buns are SNEAKY and cannot be trusted!
    PS: You and Cinderella DO look mighty fierce there! Bunnies BEWARE!

  10. I'm sorry about the situation. These humans- they don't ever know how we feel! These bunnies look dangerous!!!! Watch out!:P