Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's worth it

My mom and I sometimes get discouraged doing rescue work. No matter how much you do, there are always SO many dogs that still need help, and SO many people that mistreat dogs or just don't care. Here's a sad guy known as BIN (that's "boxer in need") 12048. He came to the shelter emaciated, covered with old injuries, and scared to death. His boxer spirit was almost completely gone, and he was a sad old man waiting to die.

But fortunately for him, Legacy Boxer Rescue stepped in!! Here he is one day out of the shelter!

His new name is Lucca, and he's finally learning what it means to be a boxer. He has a safe place to heal, gain weight, and learn what cool stuff like treats and toys are!

Yup, sights like this are what make it all worth it. Welcome to the family, Lucca. You're in for nothing but good stuff now!


  1. Great to meet you. I saw you on Mayzie's blog. You seem to be doing very well in the race to be her Valentine date.

    Love and licks, Winnie

    1. I hope I win! She's so pretty, and I love dancing. :) It's nice to meet you too!